Taylor Swift Address the Feud in ‘The Tortured Poets Department’

Fans think Swift’s new song could allegedly be about Kim Kardashian.

In Taylor Swift 11th studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” (which dropped today) Kim Kardashian is allegedly compared to a high school bully in the song “thanK you aIMee.” As mentioned by US Weekly, The title, with strategically capitalized letters spelling out Kim’s name, alludes to Swift’s tradition of hiding messages in her lyrics.

Swift’s lyrics convey a mix of anger and resilience, acknowledging the impact of the bullying while also highlighting personal growth. She refers to the unfairness of the situation, suggesting that it was never a fair fight, and seemingly alludes to Kardashian stomping across her grave in media headlines.

Taylor Swift Kim Kardashian Feud Timeline

The feud between Swift and Kardashian traces back to incidents like Kanye West interrupting Swift at the MTV VMAs. Swift’s “Reputation” album addressed this feud. In 2020, a leaked phone conversation reignited the feud, with Swift asserting her truthfulness and criticizing Kardashian for manipulating the narrative.

“thanK you aIMee” suggests that Swift still grapples with the past, with Kardashian’s words lingering in her mind. The song ends on a somewhat sarcastic note, imagining Kardashian’s children singing Swift’s songs unknowingly about their mother. Swift concludes with a thank-you to “Aimee,” hinting at closure but also a lingering acknowledgment of the impact of their feud.

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