Matty Healy Feel ‘Relief’ After “The Tortured Poets Department” Album

Matty Healy is reportedly feeling relieved after the release of Taylor Swift‘s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” An insider revealed to Us Weekly that there were concerns about how Swift might portray Healy on the album, but those close to him are pleased with the outcome.

According to the source, Healy’s family was particularly happy with Swift’s depiction of Healy in the album. The insider mentioned that there were worries about Swift criticizing Healy, especially considering his struggles with public scrutiny. However, the album’s portrayal of their relationship brought relief to Healy and his loved ones.

It also highlights that Healy received a heads-up about the album from Swift’s team, which he appreciated. This advance notice helped alleviate concerns about their story being misrepresented. The source mentioned Healy’s nervousness about Swift’s devoted fanbase, known as the Swifties, but he is now able to move forward with less anxiety.

Taylor Swift “The Tortured Poets Department” Songs

The relationship between Healy and Swift, which began in 2014 and reignited in 2023 after Swift’s split from Joe Alwyn, faced scrutiny from fans due to Healy’s past controversial remarks. However, despite not speaking anymore, they share a bond, and Healy will always cherish their time together.

It touches on Swift’s track “But Daddy I Love Him” from the album, which some fans speculate references her past with Healy. Swift’s lyrics express defiance against criticism and the importance of protecting her reputation.

The release of “The Tortured Poets Department” brought relief to Matty Healy, as the album’s portrayal of their relationship was well-received by his family and helped alleviate his anxieties about public perception. Despite their past, Healy and Swift share a special bond, and the album’s tracks reflect Swift’s feelings about various aspects of her life, including past relationships.

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