Do you always wonder when it comes down to buying a house whether you’re doing the right thing? Do you wonder whether the neighbourhood is something worth moving in, or you should just stick to your apartment because that’s where you feel comfortable? 

Well, this happens to all of us. It is a very important decision.

Good neighbourhoods often have an outward appeal. But what are the tell-tale signs of a good neighbourhood? In this piece, we will take a deep dive into the matter.

Does It Match Your Lifestyle?

When it comes to finding a good neighborhood, your lifestyle is probably the first thing you want to test out. To know if a neighborhood is a good fit for you, it’s important to match what the individual wants with how the neighborhood defines itself. 


It’s no good for an individual who is working on the weekends and spending most of his time at home to live in an area where everyone in the neighborhood spends his free time traveling. It’s also no good buying into an area where you won’t feel comfortable being the only Christian in the community.

Low Rate of Crime

A neighborhood with a low rate of crime is desirable for many reasons. For one, it makes you feel safer when you return from work at night. No one likes to come home to find that their back door has been broken into, or worse yet, that they have been robbed while they were sleeping. 


A good indicator of a safe neighborhood is the general way people fare in the area; there are few car break-ins or kidnappings. It’s a good sign if the people are proud to call it home.

Close By Employment Opportunities

Doing research when choosing a neighborhood is a smart idea. When you are doing property market research, there are several things to consider. One factor can be the nearby business establishments that provide employment opportunities. Employment opportunities close by where we live is a major factor when choosing a great neighborhood.

Well-Maintained Homes and Businesses

If you are looking for an excellent neighborhood to live in, it’s always a great idea to scout the communities and check out the homes and businesses. 


You want to make sure that any neighborhood where you’re going to be living has well-maintained properties, lots of green spaces and parks, and thriving businesses with unique shops. Good neighborhoods are typically well-maintained by the homeowners and businesses. 

Accessibility to Medical Care/Services

An ideal neighborhood provides medical care and services as well facilities and conveniences to make it easily accessible. It helps when an emergency comes in because you can go to the hospital closest to your place. 


There are so many things that could happen, so it is better to be prepared for all of them. Medical facilities and service providers also consider a good neighborhood strategy in pursuit of their mission.

Proximity to Public Transportation

Proximity to public transportation will save you money on gas and driving. This is especially beneficial if you don’t own a car, or only have one car and depend on it quite often. Compared to one with no public transportation options, you’ll save more on gas alone. This option also creates a sense of community when people are together sharing the same commuting experiences.

Family Friendly

When you’re looking for a place to live, your biggest priorities are things like finding great schools, parks and playgrounds close by, and a neighborhood where your family can feel safe. 


Neighbors who keep an eye out for one another also make a big difference in the quality of life in your community. By paying attention to these tell-tale marks of a good neighborhood, you can make sure that you’re living somewhere your family can truly thrive.


A neighborhood should be walkable. This means you can walk to any of your needs without running into traffic or crossing dangerous roads. A good neighborhood has many sidewalk paths that allow residents to travel through the entire community on foot. 


A walkable neighborhood is also a lot safer because it helps people get around quickly and efficiently without being dependent on a personal car. So, if you’re looking to move into an established area, make sure the place is walker-friendly.

There is a tell-tale sign of a good neighbourhood, and it comes down to whether or not you feel comfortable fitting in. While each item mentioned above does create positive feelings, the overall feeling one gets in the neighbourhood (which can be very subjective) remains critical for determining if one should purchase. Visit neighbourhoods you’re interested in purchasing. If your gut reaction is positive, chances are it is a safe/good neighborhood to live in. If not, proceed with caution.