The warmer months are peak times for the beauty industry with clients flocking to the salon to get prepped for their holidays.

man wearing mud mask

Beach holiday preparation from a beauty perspective requires strategical planning and in order to get the best results, it is recommended that particular procedures be planned within certain time frames prior to jetting off.

Hair colouring 

It is recommended that a hair colour treatment should be done about one month before leaving. Your clients may be tempted to book much closer to their flight however the effect of UV rays on fresh dye, especially in warmer climates can speed up the process of fading and alter the colour. 

Be strategic about colour. If possible, avoid bleach as this can have unpleasant consequences when coming into contact with other chemicals such as chlorine and nobody wants to be sporting green hair in their holiday snaps! Furthermore, to help counteract the excess fading caused by the sun, suggest a darker dye treatment that will likely fade and lighten to their usual colour by the time they leave. 

Hair removal and waxing

Hair removal requires pre-planned prep. For the best results, it is recommended to start exfoliating the skin two to three times a week a fortnight before the appointment. This encourages the removal of dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs from occurring post-treatment. 

Clients should aim to book their hair removal appointment approximately two to three days before jetting off to allow time for any redness and swelling to go down. Applying any products such as sun-creams and tanning lotions should also be avoided during this period.

Skin Preparation 

Have your clients looking naturally sun-kissed for that first trip to the beach with either a light spray tan or a sun bed treatment. A recommended option is to apply tan accelerators to encourage the development of a natural tan a week before leaving. What’s more, your client can continue to apply tanning accelerators whilst away to further develop their tan. 

It is also important to bear in mind the impact that warmer, drier climates can have on our skin. Recommend a moisturizing regime to keep skin looking fresh and hydrated one to two days before leaving. Encourage applying moisturizers to prevent skin from drying out as well as utilizing after-sun products with hydrating qualities during their time away. 


The optimum time to book a haircut should be approximately two to four days before leaving. Not only will this allow the new cut to settle into place but will also eliminate any split ends that will be prone to damage from warmer climates and UV rays. Encourage your clients to apply a hydrating hair mask either the night before or the morning to limit any damage. 

It is also worth noting that increased exposure to the sun, as well as chlorine or seawater, may require further trim when they get back. 

Manicures and Pedicures

The mani-pedi can be regarded as the finishing touches of the beauty prep. and should be left until the day before. This is of particular importance should your client wish to apply fake tan which can affect the manicure quality or even stain the nails. 

When considering the type of manicure, e.g. gel nails or acrylic, gels are known to be the most resilient as well as looking fresh for up to three to four weeks – after all, there’s nothing worse than chipped polish or a missing nail on the first day of your vacation!

Will your clients be the stars of the beach? Give them the best treatment this summer and not only will they look amazing, but they will be shining ambassadors for your business. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.