We all like looking our best and our appearance can have a major effect on our self-esteem and confidence. Body image, weight and height are all features of ourselves that can cause anxiety or negative feelings but another image issue people have is hair loss. People lose their hair for various reasons such as genetics or conditions like alopecia and previously there was only really a wig that could be worn. Now with new hair transplant technology, many people have found that they have a new confidence and are looking their best again.

If you have been thinking about getting a hair transplant, here is what you need to consider.

Hair Transplants are a Surgical Procedure

Hair transplants are a surgical procedure by which hair follicles are taken from one part of your scalp and moved to another. This procedure is carried out by a surgeon using one of a few different methods. The procedure is done with different tools depending on what kind of hair transplant you need and most people will need more than one session. Thousands of hair follicles are moved during each hair transplant session with one session lasting several hours.

There are Different Methods of Hair Transplant

While there are many different procedures used for hair transplants, the two main kinds are FUE (follicular unit excision) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation). During FUT, patches of scalp containing multiple hair follicles are removed from areas of the head where follicles are plentiful. This patch is then divided and the smaller patches inserted into incisions where the hair is thin. During FUE, individual follicles are removed by hole punching around them and removing the scalp with the follicle attached. These individual circles of the scalp with the follicle embedded can then be punched into the scalp elsewhere on the head.

FUE is a far less invasive and damaging procedure than FUT, and it has now been further refined with the development of Micro FUE transplants. The hair transplant professionals at groclinics.com.au/hair-transplant/clinic/sydney/ explain that with Micro FUE, the follicles themselves are removed one by one with no damage done to the scalp at all. These individual follicles are then implanted into the scalp to replace follicles that have died in order to grow hair again in thin or bald areas. 

Hair Transplants are not Effective for Everyone

There are various factors that affect the results of a hair transplant. Younger people are more likely to experience continuous hair loss over the years so may need repeat transplants, whereas older people may have already lost as much hair as they are going to so are better candidates for a transplant. People with thin hair do not usually see the same positive results as people with thick wavy hair. If hair loss has already reached a serious stage, there may not even be enough donor follicles to transplant. Speak to a hair transplant surgeon and they will be able to tell you whether you are a good candidate or not.

Results Vary Person to Person

As explained above, each person starts their hair transplant journey from a different place. Some people may grow back upwards of 80% of their hair, and if with an experienced surgeon, their new hair will look completely natural. On the other hand, if hair loss has already reached a critical stage, other people will see little difference at all. Receiving hair transplants from a surgeon who is inexperienced or unskilled could result in unnatural looking hair. To have the best chance of good results, aftercare procedures must be followed including dressing the newly transplanted follicles, avoiding washing and shampooing the hair for a few days, and making sure that you sleep in an upright position for at least three days to allow blood to replenish the follicles. 

Also the cost varies from different countries and clinics.

There can be Some Minor Side Effects

With FUT and FUE, it is normal to have some amount of bruising and swelling following your procedure. This side effect may not occur with the less invasive Micro FUE, but either way, the swelling will only last a couple of days. You may also experience some discomfort or tenderness around the transplant area, but again this will not last very long. 

Hair transplants have transformed the lives and happiness of many people. With hair loss affecting a major proportion of the population, the old hair tonics and wigs of the past just don’t cut it. Make sure that you get your hair transplants from a licensed clinic and that you follow the aftercare instructions to the letter. With a little time and patience, your hair could look as good as it did ten years ago.