Going back to school is always a mix of emotions; you’re either excited or you are dreading it. Either way, it can always be hard to go back, especially after winter break and the holidays. Whether your classes are in person or you’re still studying completely online, motivation can be hard to find, and getting back into grind mode is such a hard task. Here are some tips to help you get back with the best mindset possible. 

Start by setting goals. This can guide you in making positive changes in your life, which will eventually lead to accomplishing your goals. This will also give you the motivation to stay focused and work hard during the school year. Think of it as a competition with yourself to test all the things that you can accomplish. But remember, nothing wrong happens if you don’t achieve them, no need to put yourself down, just create new ones and get back on track. 

As students, time can be our worst enemy, it feels like there is never enough. That’s why it is very important to be organized and plan ahead of time. Have a planner that best suits your needs, make to-do lists, set reminders, and alarms. Trust your planner more than your brain, sometimes things can all over the place up there. When you organize yourself, you’ll be able to distribute your time between schoolwork, friends, family, and yourself; it is very important to make time for yourself to recharge your energy. 

Study sessions can be a dreadful thing. It can feel very long and hard to cover everything you need to study, especially when you are surrounded by many distractions. A one-hour assignment can turn into a three hour one. Take small breaks, between five pr fifteen minutes to have a stretch, get some water, change the setting, and clear your mind. The Pomodoro Method is a great way to make your study sessions more efficient and less exhausting; if you are looking for new study methods, give that one a try. 

Stop self-sabotaging yourself. Usually, when we feel unmotivated, we tend to bring ourselves down and have a negative attitude. Your mindset makes a bigger impact on your studies than you think, it can make or break your potential. Stop thinking you’re not smart enough, dedicated enough, good enough, or whatever bad thought you may be having about yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities and set your mind to it.