Looking to make this the best summer yet after staying inside last year? Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, we’re sure you’ve heard about some of these must-have Shark Tank items here to make your summer easier and more enjoyable. Check out the list below for some summer shopping!


Throwing a football with friends is so 10 years ago. Spikeball is all the rave now for a little fun in the sun. Spikeball made its Shark Tank debut in 2015 and since then has brought people all over the world together for a little competition and fun. A combination of volleyball and four square, Spikeball provides the ultimate workout experience while having fun with friends and is easy to bring on the go no matter where you are.

Scrub Daddy

One of Shark Tank’s most popular investments, Scrub Daddy, is here to give you the cleanest summer yet. Featured on Shark Tank in 2012, Scrub Daddy features items to keep your phones, home, and shopping clean! From cart dividers to keep your groceries and summer adventures organized, to easy to access soap and phone screen cleaners, Scrub Daddy’s products are easy to carry for whenever you may need them.


After its arrival on the Shark Tank screen in 2018, Robert Herjavec’s investment, Buttercloth, has blown up in size and product and now features a collection of menswear that will keep you looking your best while feeling cool all summer long. The brand’s Icy Cotton collection now features underwear that are patented long fiber cotton bottoms infused with organic mint fibers to keep you cool even in the hottest weather. In addition to the 6-way stretch and comfortability of the underwear, the Icy Cotton collection also features a wide array of shirts you can wear all year long as well.

The Comfy

If you’re looking to spend the night in or relax this summer, Shark Tank’s The Comfy is a perfect purchase for you to enjoy. The blanket that you wear was featured on Shark Tank in 2017 and can be used to enjoy a night in, or even to keep you cool while you’re out with friends! Slip-on the comfy, and be prepared for some ultimate, stress-free relaxation.


Keep your belongings safe all summer long with AquaVault! From Shark Tank season 6 in 2015, AquaVault features products made to keep your items safe no matter where you are. Their patented anti-theft travel products help you feel at ease knowing your things are safely stowed away while you swim, stroll, and take on life!

Tipsy Elves

Another popular Shark Tank item, Tipsy Elves features clothing that will keep you stylish for any occasion. After catching the eyes of viewers on the show in 2013, Shark Tank grew its original collection of ugly Christmas sweaters, to a company of crazy items for every holiday. For summer, their swim collection features funky and fun patterns for men and women, and they’re even home to everyone’s favorite male romper brand, RompHim!

Oru Kayak

For summer fun, what more could you want than a foldable kayak? Easy to take on the go, Oru Kayak caught the attention of Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec in 2014 and received a $500,000 deal. Featuring different-sized, collapsible kayaks, Oru Kayak is here to give you some time with nature, even if you’re in the busy rush of the city!

Xero Shoes

The most comfortable, versatile sandals your feet will ever experience, Xero Shoes were created to feel like a barefoot running shoe for whatever you do. Since their Shark Tank debut in 2013, Xero Shoes have been purchased by over 80,000 in 94 countries who wear these shoes for walking, hiking, yoga, and more! Starting at $19.95, these shoes are a must for summer activities and all year long.

Super Coffee

Get energized with keto-friendly coffee from Super Coffee! Originally, airing on Shark Tank in 2015, Super Coffee was created in a dorm room and can now be found in Whole Foods, Amazon, and more giving you a healthy boost of energy for any summer or year-round event. With delicious flavors like French Vanilla and Carmel, these coffee drinks also boast 10 grams of protein with zero grams of added sugar!

Sand Cloud

Capturing the attention of viewers and Shark Tank investors everywhere, Sand Cloud arrived on the scene in 2017 with their Turkish beach towels and beach attire and accessories. Their popular Turkish towels feature unique and fun designs and art and also feature a sand resistant design making this the perfect towel to take with you on the go. Not to mention that with every purchase made from the brand, they donate 10% of their profits to marine conservation! What more can you ask for?

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