There is an abundance of fun and educational things to do with the kids in Connecticut, the lovely and endearing southernmost state in New England. Thanks to its varied attractions and long history, you won’t get bored here.

Autumn in Hartford, Connecticut Hartford is the capital of the U.S. state of Connecticut. Hartford is known for its attractive architectural styles and being the Insurance capital of the United States Connecticut stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Connecticut boasts an abundance of exciting amusement parks that promise a day full of joy and excitement, as well as educational museums that provide insight into history and encourage a thirst for knowledge.

Let’s explore some of the best things to do here.

1- Visiting the Compounce Lake

Delighting families since 1846, North American Lake Compounce proudly enjoys the title of being the oldest continually functioning amusement park in the country. This park has been a beloved spot for families for many years thanks to its extensive history and dedication to offering nonstop entertainment.

There is always something thrilling going on in Lake Compounce. Here you can find rides that will get your blood pumping, as well as attractions that are more kid-friendly.

However, the rides are certainly only a part of it. In its peaceful and gorgeous surroundings, Lake Compounce is the perfect place to unwind and spend a day at the lake. Just relax and enjoy the beach, soak up some rays, or go for a swim!

And if we’re talking only about rides, the renowned Boulder Dash must be experienced on any trip to Lake Compounce. With its thrilling twists, turns, and gravity-defying drops, this classic wooden roller coaster has won the esteemed title of the world’s #1 wooden coaster. You will surely not want to miss it!

Get your tickets today at the official site and get ready for a day of laughter, excitement, and sheer delight.

2- Have Fun at Dinosaur Place

Guests are transported to the marvels of prehistoric times at the Dinosaur Place, an exceptional outdoor adventure park that offers interactive experiences. Explore forty life-size and scientifically accurate replicas over an enthralling 1.5-mile trail, transporting you to a world where dinosaurs once roamed. An exciting meeting with these amazing beings, who bring the past to life, awaits around every corner.

Now the fun doesn’t end there, though! Dinosaur sightings aren’t the only attraction at the site. On hot summer days, cool off at the splash pad, let your imagination run wild on the expansive playground, or get lost in the thrill of a tough maze. Everybody’s sure to have a good time!

The park also has educational exhibits that teach kids about dinosaurs and their fascinating world. Kids will have a great time while gaining knowledge about various topics such as their anatomy, behaviour, and the formation of fossils.

3- Connecticut Science Center

Located in the heart of Hartford, the Connecticut Science Centre is a shining example of how our state values education and research. The amazing interactive exhibits at this museum cover a vast array of subjects, from the amazing world of astronomy to the intriguing world of physics.

Not only may children study here, but they can also experience the thrill of scientific discovery in an engaging and interesting setting.

Not only that, though. For guests of all ages, the Connecticut Science Centre goes the extra mile to create an immersive experience. Let yourself be transported to a world where scientific concepts are brought to life via the magic of 3D movies.

Besides that, you can also experience some of the reasons why science is so wonderful through interesting live presentations. You will also want to block your calendars to make room for the center’s unique events all year long. These are great opportunities to learn from experts, have fun with hands-on activities, and expand your knowledge of the world.

Are you prepared to experience the thrill of a lifetime? Make preparations to visit the Connecticut Science Centre and discover the mysteries of the cosmos & science.

4- Mystic Aquarium, a place for everyone

Among the best aquariums in the country, Mystic Aquarium captivates guests with its international collection of aquatic animals. Marvel at the astonishing opportunity for youngsters to get up close and personal with a wide variety of fascinating animals, including joyful sea lions, charming African penguins, and majestic beluga whales.

Exhibits aside, the aquarium takes great pride in its abundance of teaching programmes and interactive displays, all of which work together to promote ocean conservation and teach visitors to marvel at the underwater environment. Visit the Mystic Aquarium and dive into the intriguing underwater world for an amazing trip that will satisfy your curiosity. Explore the thrilling world of Mystic Aquarium.

To sum up, Connecticut is a fantastic destination for families looking for fun things to do. Everyone, from locals to tourists, may discover something that their family will enjoy and that will provide a new adventure to experience with your family.

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