With Travelers season 3 premiering on Netflix Friday, December 14th, we hopped on a call with actress Mackenzie Porter. Mackenzie plays the bad-ass doctor from the future who has inhabited Marcy Wharton’s body in the 21st century. This season will see Marcy dealing with the repercussions of having the world finding out about her and her fellow Travelers, while also seeing her relationship intensify with David (Patrick Gilmore). The Canadian actress has been keeping busy during filming by simultaneously juggling a country music career — her album will be released in the new year. Mackenzie filled us in on how she manages to find time for all of her passions and what we can expect from season 3 of Travelers.

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How did you prepare for your role as Marcy?

I felt like I had to do a lot of research for the original Marcy who has a learning disability. I wanted to make sure that I did it right and just told that story properly. So I did a lot of research online, and then I watched every film I could think of where another actor had to portray that.
I did a lot of physical training with a trainer as well. A lot of boxing, stunt rehearsals and fighting classes to get physically in shape.

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Do you perform your own stunts?

Yeah, I’ve done all of them except one. Normally, I always have a stunt girl there just in case something gets a little bit dicey. But I’ve done everything until this huge stunt sequence at the end of season 3 where I fly across a table — I couldn’t do that. I had to slam and hit my head into the glass and stuff like that so the stunt girl did that and she killed it. It looked so good and she’s just an amazing stunt person. But mostly I try to learn them all myself and then 99% I’ll do.

Now that everyone knows you’re travelers, how will that affect your relationships and what can we expect from this season?

At the end of season 2, we had that huge cliffhanger where we’re outing ourselves. So in the first half of season 3, we’re trying to tie up all those loose ends and correct all of that stuff that we’ve released to the world and try to backtrack it. And then throughout the season, I’m very focused on David’s safety because I feel like I’ve put him into so many horrible situations. So Marcy gets a little obsessed with David. So that’s an interesting dynamic. But mostly season 3 is about us trying to heal and fix all of this brokenness.

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What do you think will surprise people the most from this season?

There are definitely a few situations at the end of this season, which I think people may not be ready for — the way we wrap up season 3 is really sad. A super sad ending, which I actually love because I feel like it’s a good way to end when the stakes are that high. I can’t really divulge too much, but I think people will be super shocked about how we wrap the season.

How do you balance your music career and your acting career?

It’s been really busy lately. So I’ve had a very micro-managed calendar, which has been really good and really fun. But for the last three years, I’ve been filming five months a year and then the rest of the time I focus on my music. So like right now I’m in Vegas with my label doing music, and I was just in New York doing music. So just having a tight schedule helps and I never feel like I’m working, so that helps too — I love what I’m doing.

Who or what inspires you in both music and acting?

There are so many different people and careers that I want to follow. Meryl Streep is my number one — as I’m sure she is for many people — but I also love Rachel McAdams career and Marion Cotillard and Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman. That kind of career is what I hope to break into.

And musically it’s all over the board too. I love country music and pop music. So Kacey Musgraves is one of my big idols. But then I listen to the Weekend, so I’m kind of all over.

Via: @mackenzieportermusic Facebook page

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

I think mostly to take classes — I studied a lot. And then just try to build up a thick skin. I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of auditions and it takes time, so you have to find ways to keep the confidence up. I think studying and having a different outlet helps. Like I went through a phase around eighteen where I wasn’t booking things — I think I was just going through a weird, awkward phase — and that’s when I started writing songs so I could keep myself inspired and keep being creative. Because it’s hard — you’re going to hear no a million times before you hear a yes. So find another thing in life that makes you feel confident so you’re not solely focused on the parts you may not be getting.

What’s up next for you in 2019?

I just released two singles off my new album, which will come out next year and then I’ll tour the whole album across the U.S and across Canada. Then hopefully season 4 will happen — we don’t know yet — but I have it blocked off in my calendar. And then another project that we’re working on so I’m going to have a crazy 2019 and I’m super pumped.

Watch Travelers on Netflix Friday December 14th.