Medical and prescription expenses can take a major toll on any working individual’s financial status. While medical care is covered by insurance, you have to pay for your meds from your own pocket. To combat this situation and balance your overall expenses, look for ways to cut your prescription drug costs. Here are some useful tips to cut your medicine cost by half and save extra money.

Find Pharmacy Coupons

Just like you use grocery coupons to get stuff at a cheaper price, you can also look for pharmacy coupons to buy medicines at a discounted price. Today, some general practitioners also offer pharmacy coupons to their patients. If your GP doesn’t have a relevant network, look online or visit your local pharmacy store to know more about pharmacy discount coupons. If you buy your meds from a specific manufacturer, look on their official website or talk to one of their representatives to get coupons or offers on your purchase. Some even have printable coupons on their site that simply need to be downloaded by the user.

Split Your Tablets

One simple way to cut medicine costs is by reducing the amount you generally intake. If you typically consume high doses every day, talk to your doctor and ask whether or not you can split your pills and reduce your daily dosage by half. Your doctor may prescribe a similar tablet with higher strength that costs the same and can be split in half. Over time, you can save a lot of money and reap the same benefit while keeping your health intact and preventing overdose. However, this strategy can only be implemented by those who are taking basic medication to sustain their health. Do not try it on your own without consulting your general practitioner.

Compare Prices

If you use a specific prescription drug on a daily or weekly basis, ordering them in bulk can reduce its overall cost. Jardiance is one such drug used by diabetic patients on a regular basis. Use credible sites to compare different Jardiance prices and get the best deal among the available options. Since pharmacies across your locality and country may sell the drug with significant price differences, comparing your options will help save money. Do not forget to check the shipping costs too. Since some comparison websites also ship orders, you can research and order using the same source instead of looking for other sellers.

Get a Discount Card

Some pharmacies offer discount cards to customers who often buy medicines from the same branch. If you visit just one store in your locality, ask them if they offer a discount card too. By using your card, you can surprisingly save a lot of money every year, especially if you need to buy a lot of medicines and prescription items at regular intervals. Discount cards are not quite common among pharmacy stores, which is when you can check with your insurance provider or a relevant organization. Even if your pharmacy store offers a discount card, you may have to pay a membership fee.

Order Meds Online

Online pharmacy stores and mail-order organizations sell medicines at a much cheaper price. To save more money, order your meds in bulk via a credible online seller and save almost half the price you typically pay. However, beware of fake sites and unknown sellers as a lot of buyers have been tricked to date. This cost-effective approach is also beneficial for the elderly who can get their meds at their doorstep. Even though you need to spend a major part of your monthly expenses at once, you will save more in the long run. Note that mail-order can take more than 1 or 2 weeks to deliver your meds. If you need your prescribed pills on time, ordering them online may not be the best option. Some pharmacies, like PricePro Pharmacy, offer both online and in-store services to cater to all customers’ needs. They also provide door-to-door delivery services for their online orders.

Tap into Assistance Programs

PAPs, or Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs, are affordable plans offered by drug manufacturers and companies for consumers who are unable to afford their medical expenses due to low income. These programs offer coupons and discount cards for regular customers who can either get certain meds for free or pay a nominal price. While these basic programs cover prescription costs, other relief programs offer full medical coverage for patients with rare disorders. Check your local relief programs and go through the eligibility criteria before applying. While some offers are locally floated, other programs are designed and promoted at a national level.

The stress of combating health issues accompanied by extensive medical and prescription bills can get overwhelming. By saving money on prescription drugs, you can balance your finances and redesign your budget to accommodate better facilities. Moreover, you will also be able to manage your monthly expenses with ease.

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