Who Is Valerie Bertinelli Dating?

Valerie Bertinelli new romance with boyfriend Mike Goodnough has reached a significant milestone as she allegedly made it Instagram official. As mentioned by US Weekly, the actress shared a photo of them wearing matching black-rimmed glasses, accompanied by lyrics from Taylor Swift’s song “So High School” to mark the occasion. Goodnough also expressed happiness in an Instagram comment, noting, “They look happy, those two.”

Bertinelli explained that they reconnected on Instagram after being friendly for a few years, especially as she was healing from her 2022 divorce and the loss of her first husband, Eddie Van Halen.

What does Mike Goodnough say?

Goodnough also playfully addressed the challenge of maintaining anonymity before the public discovery of their relationship, sharing a video on Instagram titled “When you like being the ‘anonymous boyfriend’ but the press finds your socials.”

Valerie Bertinelli and Mike Goodnough’s journey from social media friends to a loving couple highlights a sense of joy, comfort, and gratitude in their relationship, as they navigate newfound public attention with humor and positivity.

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