Since September 2019, the Canadian beverage company launched three flavours into the market. They are a blend of 50% cold-pressed local fruit and 50% lightly sparkled mineral water from Spa Springs in Nova Scotia. 

It is founded by Michelin Star chef, Ted Grant, and Hanspeter Stutz. They saw an opportunity to be the first ones to put out a flavoured sparkling beverage that is made with only real Canadian ingredients and no added sugars or preservatives. Their inspiration came from the famous German drink, Schorle – Grant and Stutz began to work and collaborate with local farmers to achieve a formula that’s both delicious and refreshing. 

The fruits used to create VIVEAU are picked at their peak ripeness, which makes the drinks rich in flavour, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The mineral water is packed with calcium, manganese, magnesium and bicarbonate – bottled directly from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. 

VIVEAU is a company that values transparency. They are the first sparkling beverage brand in all of North America to earn the Clean Label ProjectTM Certification. Through a focus on heavy metals, pesticide residues, and plasticizers linked to cancers and infertility, the Clean Label ProjectTM works to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labelling, awarding brands with products that place an emphasized focus on purity and surpass the minimum government regulations. 

Putting out the Brand during the pandemic required a shift in the strategy of activation, events, and in-store trial opportunities. Their unconventional approach has helped put all flavours in homes from St. John’s to Vancouver. VIVEAU has now launched across Canada and it is available for purchase in major retailers like Sobeys, Safeway, Loblaws, Metro, Longos, Farm Boy, Summerhill Market, as well as many other natural wellness stores. 

Their co-founder, Ted Grant, has over 19 years of experience across five continents in the culinary industry. He said that “after tasting the countless examples of artificially fruit flavoured sparkling waters on the market, I realized there was an opportunity to use my professional palette to bring something real to the market using Canadian agriculture;” that is how the idea of creating the brand was born. 

Currently, they have three different flavour options: Wild Blueberry, Ripe Cherry, and Crisp Apple Cider. All you need to do is chill, shake, and enjoy. Get all the benefits from minerals and incredible flavour from the fruit without worrying about any added sugars.

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