Many people today use technical opportunities to build their private lives. It is appropriate for various ages and people. Online communication has several advantages over live interactions, especially at the early stages of your relationships, when you get to know each other.

However, you may accidentally say or write something unwanted when you chat with your potential friend or partner. CooMeet is a chat application that has provided some useful recommendations to avoid undesirable ways of internet communication. Keep reading to find out the ideal ways to chat with a potential friend or loved one.

The Specifics of Online Communication

The main point of good chatting is your technical and articulation peculiarities. Speech pronunciation and clarity can create a good impression from the first moment.

If you have a slow internet connection or other technical problems, you should speak out. A communicator can get it wrong if you suddenly disappear from the screen or chat, so you can never speak to each other again. 

What to Avoid While Chatting

Some traits in people’s behavior can be distracting. These include general ethical and intellectual traits, which are even more intense when communicating at a distance. General recommendations include avoiding the following:

  • Early conclusions. – if you have yet to hear something good or anything else goes wrong, clarify the situation first.
  • Interrupting the person you chat with – it is an awful habit that many people underestimate the effect of, and it gets no lighter online. 
  • Exaggerated behavior and reactions – it gives unpleasant emotions and repulses people.
  • Loud or noisy actions may be unpleasant, and they do not give the feeling that you are sincerely interested in a conversation.

Except for the general unpleasant actions you can encounter in online conversations, there are also some aspects of written and spoken communication. 


In writing, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Too many or no emoticons are improper. If you use too many emojis per message, they lose their expressive value and fill the space for no reason. If you do not use them, your text may seem too passionate.
  • Caps Lock – most people use CAPS to ‘scream’ in writing and express something hyperbolic. Using too much of it would make you sound too aggressive or ironic, depending on what ideas you write in CAPS.
  • Omitting punctuation signs – you may not be a grammar guru, but you better know the basic punctuation rules to avoid misunderstandings. Remember that overusing punctuation signs is no better than a lack of them.
  • Demanding instant answers – instant messages allow you to see the answers immediately, but it does not mean you or your interlocutor must answer without delay.

Follow the generally accepted chatting manner, and it will become a comfortable environment for an open conversation.

Video Chat

In contrast to messaging, video chatting makes you appear in front of the camera. Regarding this, the following would be undesirable:

  • Showing up as if you have just woken up. An indifferent attitude toward your appearance may indicate you are depressed, or you do not care about your interlocutor’s comfort. Both variants provide poor conditions for making friends.
  • Holding the camera too close or too far from your face. Both options limit the possibility of observing you and create discomfort and a subconscious desire to fix your cam. This also concerns lighting.
  • Touching your mic. Close rustle and other sound defects are even more uncomfortable than visual problems, so people usually want to make them disappear quickly.
  • Using foul language. Some platforms, like, forbid it in their rules and ban the accounts of those who do not comply with the terms. Even if they will not ban you, profanity is still bad manners. 

Consider that in video calls, lighting, camera angle, and sound quality constitute the additional ethical parameters to comply with if you want to make a good impression. 

Bottom Line

It is sometimes more complicated to understand each other in an online conversation. Except for general features like politeness, you should also pay attention to the technical side. You can establish contact with a person with good hardware quality.

Combine your good mood with the advantages of CooMeet and enjoy video chatting!

Published by HOLR Magazine.