Grayson Murray died suddenly at the age of 30. The internet has questions.

Grayson Murray was a young golf legend who had his whole life ahead of him. Recent reports have stated that Grayson Murray has passed away suddenly at the age of 30. HOLR breaks down what we know so far.

Grayson Murray Death

Accoridng to this TikTok video posted by user @larsonjoe, the entire world is shocked that the winner of two PGA Tour Titles, Grayson Murray, has died suddenly at the young age of 30.


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What killed Grayson Murray?

As the TikToker points out, Murray withdrew from the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial in the second round. This is supposedly strange because he seemed okay to the public eye. However, he reportedly withdrew due to an “illness” and passed away this past weekend, shortly after. Murray has won two PGA Tours and is “kind of a big deal,” in the world of golf as the TikToker points out. He went “pro” when he was just 17 years old.

Murray also had a fiancée- Christiana Ritchie- who he proposed to in December 2023, in which the pair were reportedly set to get married. This related article claims that a since-deleted Instagram post celebrated their recent engagement.

Grayson Murray Cause of Death

Murray allegedly had a history of depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse as the TikToker details, although he was open with his struggles. People are now questioning what really happened to Murray- did he pass as a result of this supposed “illness” or did something else happen?

As of right now, this question remains unanswered. There are a lot of theories floating around online, such as cardiac arrest, or alleged suicide, but nothing has been confirmed. This is all speculation.

Grayson Murray Last Putt Video

This TikTok video posted by user @gutsypickscash shows Murray’s alleged final putt before withdrawing from the tournament.


What a tragic story with what happened to Grayson Murray…. #PGA #GOLF

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The TikTok video questions if the audience notices anything as Murray passed shortly after this clip was taken but people in the comment section could not come to a conclusion.

Although we don’t have answers right now in terms of what might’ve happened to Murray and his alleged cause of death, what do you think about the latest news?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Murray has died by suicide following his withdrawal from the Charles Schwab Challenge.

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