Why is Blueface Soulja Boy trending? HOLR breaks it down.

What Is Blueface Soulja Boy Baby Mama

According to this TikTok video posted by user @pacmanj, rapper Blueface is being sued by Soulja Boy’s baby mama.

Image Credit: @pacmanj TikTok

Blueface Soulja Boy

This related article, claims that Blueface is facing a defamation lawsuit by Jackilyn Martinez who is Soulja Boy’s baby mama. The pair- Soulja Boy and Blueface- allegedly engaged in a “heated” Instagram Live earlier in the week in which Blueface alleged that he slept with Martinez only a day prior to her baby shower.

Allegedly, Blueface took to X- formerly known as Twitter- to post more tweets about Martinez and Soulja Boy.

Blueface Girlfriend

For instance,e in one tweet Bluefaced alleged that Martinez and Soulja Boy’s child was his as the couple repeatedly did not conduct a DNA test.

One of his most recent tweets is a supposed clapback at this alleged defamation lawsuit following his tweeting rampage on X. Allegedly, Martinez claimed Blueface “lied” about the two of them sleeping together. She also supposedly claimed that he “made misleading and defamatory statements about the paternal identity of her child” as both noted here.

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