What’s happening in Ecuador?

Ecuador President

According to this TikTok video posted by user @reeser_times, people are taking to the social media platform to discuss their take on the latest events unfolding in Ecuador. As the Tiktoker claims, there is a notorious criminal and gang leader referred to as El Fito who suppsoedly escaped from an Ecuadorian prison recently. This allegedly occurred when the president supposedly claimed that he did not intend to negotiate with these criminals- as previous politicians reportedly did in the past. El Fito is allegedly known as Ecuador’s “Most Wanted.”

Ecuador President

Image Credit: @reeser_times TikTok

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The president of Ecuador- Daniel Noboa- is the youngest president in the country’s history and has allegedly officially declared “war” with criminal gangs. As noted in this article, riots and violence reportedly occurred in various prisons after it was announced that Noboa planned to create new high-security prisons for gang leaders. As a result, 125 guards and 14 administrative staff have allegedly been taken hostage, as noted here.

As mentioned here, there was also a distressing moment caught on live TV when attackers charged a state-owned station to take journalists and staff members hostage. Someone was also forced to read a statement to the president at gunpoint, in which it alleged that anyone found on the streets after 11 pm would reportedly be executed.

Why is Ecuador in a State of Emergency?

Now- since this has been revealed- everything has “fallen apart” as the Tiktoker notes. “It’s like the Purge,” claims the TikToker. Allegedly, all types of criminals have taken to the streets to commit crimes and supposedly murder. Supposedly, these criminals have taken security guards hostage and executed them, in which there are allegedly disturbing videos circulating online.

According to the TikToker, El Fito is still on the loose and there is a military crackdown happening as well as a supposed 60-day curfew in place until he is found.

Ecuador News 

This distressing TikTok video posted by user @samincuenca shows the moment that things got “very serious very quickly” in Ecuador. Supposedly, everything is closing down in her area. “Literally everything is shutting down like gates are up, fences are up, everyone is going home,” states the TikToker in the clip.

Ecuador News 

Image Credit: @samincuenca TikTok

The TikToker also claims that there have been shootings in different places and that they are allegedly in a “war” with “criminal groups.” This has also been referred to as an internal armed conflict.

Although there is still news being brought forward about what is allegedly occurring in Ecuador right now, what do you think about the latest news?

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