Everyone is wondering where Joy Behar is. HOLR breaks it down.

Where Is Joy Behar Today

As you may have noticed, Joy Behar has seemingly been absent from The View. Why is this so?

where is joy behar

Image Credit: @joyvbehar Instagram

Joy Behar Today

Allegedly, the host is not currently on The View after testing positive for COVID-19 and taking some time to recover as noted here. According to this recent quote by Whoopi Goldberg this past week, “Joy is out this week. You know why? She finally got COVID. Three years, four years in, it finally got her.”

where is joy behar today?

Image Credit: @joyvbehar Instagram

Joy seemingly hasn’t addressed these claims that she caught COVID-19 on social media yet, but rumor has it that she is currently recovering. So, there you have it. Joy is reportedly out sick due to catching COVID-19. Hopefully, the host will be back soon.

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