Did you know that the IT industry in Australia is expected to reach almost $60 billion by 2027? There’s a reason why it grows at such an enormous rate – all Australian companies need an IT partner to work and thrive in their fields.

Back in the day, when information technologies were on a basic level, every company would hire one or more employees to handle the IT tasks within the office. Now, when almost everything relies on this industry, one or two IT experts are not enough, and most businesses decide to outsource their corporate needs.

There are thousands of IT companies in Australia that cover more than 100 different fields. In other words, these agencies work for multiple industries that have nothing to do with IT but need their help. Almost every Australian business needs a fantastic IT service partner, and there’s a great reason why.

IT Services extend productivity and efficiency

When someone mentions information technologies, the mind doesn’t automatically go to the most modern solutions it offers but rather to old printers and fax machines. That depends on what age of IT you’ve seen over the years, but it’s undeniable that today – IT is much more than cables hanging around the server room.

Today, IT deals with IoT, AI, VR, and many more industries that streamline and guide businesses to their success. The Internet of Things means connecting all appliances to the same network and working independently; artificial intelligence makes multiple processes easier. Virtual reality helps companies showcase their work to customers without being physically in the same place. All these things require the hand of an IT expert.

Protect data

The first thing every company working with IT services in Australia will offer to you is data protection. There’s a great reason it is like this – losing your data means ending your work. Imagine working on a project for months and suddenly seeing everything disappearing. It would be a disaster.

IT agencies have multiple layers of protection. Even if you lose everything, there are steps for data recovery that will return your documents in 99% of the cases. If you have no one responsible for data protection, one tiny mistake and everything may go to waste.

Repel hackers and online threats

Hackers are the number one reason for losing data. They cause many more problems, too, but this seems to be the number one problem for many businesses. Protection against hackers is crucial because the estimated cost of one successful hacking attack is over $200 million per company.

Instead of risking closing your doors entirely, you should invest in an anti-hacking solution. Poor anti-virus programs are not enough. You need someone to monitor your networks and activity 24/7. When you’re asking for IT agency help, highlight this issue and ask them to be there for you around the clock.

They help with marketing

Aside from everything else that is essential for company longevity, IT companies can also help with your marketing and advertising campaigns. They are in the business with everything IT-related, and digital marketing is a huge concern for modern-day companies.

Video marketing, social media coverage, and SEO are all crucial business marketing aspects you must cover. Ask the IT agency to help you with these issues. They will find the right marketing crew to do it and even have marketing experts within their ranks.

Handle customer relations

Customers are the essential piece of the corporate puzzle. Without them, no business would exist. Regardless of your type of business and what you’re offering, you must provide an excellent customer relations program.

You may be providing b2c and b2b services or may sell products, but in both cases, you will have someone on the other side who needs your help getting the most out of your product. The client might not understand how your solution works, have troubleshooting problems, or simply want to say thank you for it – a skilled IT company must be there to streamline this process perfectly.

Take care of everything related to information technologies in the office

For your company to thrive, you must have productive employees. To be productive, you must make them happy when they come to work. No employee today will be happy if they have constant hardware or software issues, which is a job for the IT expert.

Hiring IT services means hiring someone that handles these problems daily. Software, CRM systems, internet networks, cloud solutions – these are all things that an IT agency handles online. Without them, your employees will struggle and won’t be productive.

Even a simple mouse malfunction requires someone to fix the issue or provide new hardware. A great IT company will be there for you when you need it, but physical issues mean finding a partner close to you. That’s why most Australian businesses rely on IT services so deeply.

Published by HOLR Magazine.

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