Why is Travis Kelce Justin Tucker Video trending? HOLR breaks it down.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @yervakin, Kelce addressed his behavior regarding a recent interaction allegedly with Justin Tucker.

Travis Kelce Justin Tucker 

@yervakin TikTok

Travis Kelce Justin Tucker 

As noted in the above TikTok video, Kelce recently came forward to address his alleged altercation with Tucker at a pregame which is recirculating online following Kelce’s appearance at the Super Bowl.

In the now-vital video, Kelce claims that the Chiefs and the Ravens have their sides of the field during warm-ups. “If you’re trying to go on the other team’s designated area, you kinda stay out of their way. You don’t interfere with what they have going on,” alleges Kelce referencing Tucker’s equipment seemingly being somewhat in the way. In the video, Kelce is seen throwing Tucker’s helmet out of the way, which some fans thought to be “disrespectful” as noted in this related article.

Accoridng to Kelce, Tucker allegedly came out to say it was more of a “joking gesture” as Kelce claims in the video. “I get it,” Kelce says. But Kelce also alleges that he and his team weren’t in a “joking mood.” He also apologized to Tucker in the clip.

Travis Kelce Yelling At Head Coach 

Kelce is going viral at the moment because he was recently caught on camera seemingly yelling at his coach, Andy Reid, and allegedly pushing him after the Chiefs fumble during the Super Bowl LVIII (as HOLR previously reported here).  Kelce did not directly address his actions but a lot of people online are reportedly not happy with his behavior or actions in the viral clip.

What do you think of Kelce’s recent behavior?

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