Family spending nice time together at home, looks happy and cheerful

Movie night is a tradition observed by pretty much every demographic and type of person. Families work it into their weekly routine, partners turn it into a low-key date night, roommates bond over their shared love of movies, and friends use it as an excuse to hang out and snack on delicious food.

It’s the universal code word for “having a good time indoors.” But not all movie nights are created equally. With the wrong movie, subpar snacks and uncomfortable seating arrangements, a movie night can go from merry to miserable in the time it takes for the opening credits to roll.

Don’t let that happen. In this article, find the four essential ingredients for a winning movie night.

The Right Movie: Achieving Consensus

Perhaps the most significant question hanging over movie night is this: What movie do we watch? Sometimes, everyone’s aligned in their pick. Other times, no one can decide, leaving you scrolling Netflix for half the night.

Step one, therefore, is to reach a quick consensus. Have everyone take two minutes to research new and old releases, creating a top-three list. Pool the list together and take votes. Whichever movie wins will be the main feature of the evening. (You can bank the trailing titles for a later day). Alternatively, you can use this site to choose a movie.

A Little Luxury: Ordering Dessert Delivery

Forget grocery store popcorn. Forget those mass-market theatre candies. If you want to make a movie night special, order delivery from a local dessert restaurant. Seriously, it’s a game-changer.

Check out the menu at a place like Demetres dessert in Markham. There, you’ll find exactly what we’re talking about – the platonic ideal of a movie night dessert. Order a mix of confections like plied-high cakes, ice cream pints and decadent waffles. In comparison, they make those theatre candies look like nothing.

Bundling Up: The Coziest Items You Can Find

Movie night isn’t the time for those thin blankets, hard chairs and stiff jeans. It’s an opportunity to wear your most comfortable clothing (PJs and sweats are two acceptable examples) and break out your fluffiest blankets and pillows.
Only when everyone is at their peak comfort levels should you press play on the movie. If anyone’s less than cozy, take a few minutes to brainstorm solutions.

A Stretch and Breather: Timing Your Intermission

It’s not in your imaination – movies are significantly longer nowadays. Since the mid-20th century, the average runtime of a film has expanded nearly 30%. It isn’t uncommon for modern blockbusters and superhero epics (a favourite at many movie nights) to clock in near the three-hour mark.

Pro-tip: schedule an intermission. Ideally, you don’t want to pause the movie three or four times for various people to take a bathroom break, so choose a scene somewhere around the film’s midpoint to take an intermission. People can use the washroom, replenish their drinks, grab an extra helping of dessert and stretch their legs.

With these four essential ingredients, you can throw the best possible movie night – one so good that it’s bound to become a household tradition.

Published by HOLR Magazine.