This holiday season, Crown Royal is redefining the meaning of royalty and has partnered with local Toronto artist, Justin Broadbent to promote modern royalty.

What was once described as opulence, luxury, and decadence is no longer. Justin has modernized Crown Royal’s icon purple bag with his custom designs to introduce a new definition of royalty. His reimagined royal symbols playfully subvert how we perceive royalty, making it feel more accessible and bringing it into the everyday. With his visual style, Justin takes the pomp out of royalty, defining it not by how expensive or elusive something is, but rather by how much we care for and treasure it.

Royal language has made its way into our every day and the way we speak to and treat one another as kings and queens. We use royal language as an expression of self-love, a celebration of others, and a way to recognize ambition.

Crown Royal’s partnership with Justin and the re-creation of the iconic purple bags speaks to a premium moment of gifting between loved ones.

Crown Royal – perfect premium gift idea under $50!

More about Justin

Justin Broadbent is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Toronto. His portfolio includes illustration, design, photography, poems, and large-scale installations. He is also a photographer and accomplished music video director for bands including Metric and Shad.