Where to go and what to see!

The famous city of Tokyo in Japan is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. It has features harmoniously intersecting the tradition and access to highly modern culture, all blending into a country with a unique culture and landscapes for visitors to travel to this city. Choosing the places you want to go here depends on how much time you have to decide where to go and what to do. Check out our suggestions for the most exciting places and must-visit places in Tokyo if you have 48 hours to visit!

 Ancient Sensoji Temple

One of the first must-visit places on the journey is Sensoji Temple. Sensoji Temple, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple, was built in 645 and is one of the oldest temples in Tokyo. The outer gate of Sensoji Temple – Kaminarimon, is considered a symbol of Asakusa and Tokyo. In particular, leading from the outer gate to the second gate of the temple is a shopping district called Nakamise with various traditional Japanese dishes and local souvenirs for tourists.

In addition, the Sensoji Temple is also home to many major and outstanding events of the year. The most typical is the annual Sanja Matsuri festival. A special note is that when visiting Sensoji Temple, remember to rent a Kimono set (traditional Japanese clothes) to picture beautiful photos here.

 Shibuya Intersection 

Shibuya crossroad is one of the famous tourist spots in Tokyo. A unique feature here is the large and small billboards with vibrant colors and giant video screens that are incredibly bustling, especially if you go at night; this place becomes even brighter. 

It is also famous for all kinds of fashion stores and food shops, so it is always a prominent tourist attraction. Because of the crowded and dynamic atmosphere, the Shibuya intersection is considered “Time Square” in Tokyo.

 Inokashira Onshi Park 

The next indispensable place is Inokashira Onshi Park. With a vast space, including a zoo, ponds, and the Ghibli museum at the top of the park (an exciting attraction for anime movie buffs), it is located in the Kichijoji district, the busiest districts in Tokyo.

If you visit in May, you will see more than 500 beautiful cherry blossom trees. You can also paddle in ponds and lakes to see the cherry blossoms, enjoying the surrounding natural landscapes and the extremely fresh atmosphere. Not only that, there are many famous restaurants, cafes or clothing stores for you to shop and enjoy food around this area.


Eating in Ebisu 

Ebisu is a popular dining place in Tokyo with typical street food such as barbecue, hot pot, sashimi, sushi, and a variety of drinks. Many of the restaurants are located in the train station area, so if you are in the vicinity, you can get here easily. The price of the food here is also very reasonable, and many eateries are open late to dawn, so you can enjoy the food while watching the city at night. 

 Harajuku Fashion Street

Harajuku is located around the Harajuku station area between Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo, is a center of Japanese teen culture with diverse fashion styles. This place is bustling because it is the central gathering point of young people with unique personalities, always demnstrating different fashion styles such as lolita, anime cosplay, manga, or gothic. Harajuku is considered a fashion festival. 

You can comfortably show off your unique fashion sense, and there are rental services that allow you to dress in clothes from many different cultures and fashion styles. Remember to bring your camera to take beautiful photos here.