For the last year and a half travel has been put on hold and now our world is slowly beginning to open which means you will soon be pulling out your suitcase from the storage room to prepare to travel again.

We have spent the last year and a half as homebodies, rotating through the same loungewear and experiencing what the city you are in has to offer. Well, the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine and it is time to put on your sunglasses. Travel is starting again, and we are all out of practice on how to efficiently pack a suitcase. Here is a little refresher so you are ready to go for take-off.

Think Big and Narrow Down

Half the battle in packing for a trip is knowing what clothes you need. Start out by grabbing everything you could possibly need. Lay it all out on your bed and group into outfits. Once you have everything organized begin eliminating half of what you pulled, try, and stay with clothes that are wrinkle resistant.

Folding and Rolling

There is a technique to packing your clothing efficiently. For all your softer fabrics make sure to roll them, and stiffer fabrics make sure to carefully fold them.


 All your softer rolled items should be placed in the bottom of your suitcase, while the stiffer folded fabrics are placed on top of your rolled items. Lay your folded fabrics lengthwise of the suitcase to ensure the least amount of wrinkle.

Something you may want to invest in is packing cubes. They keep your suitcase organized and easy to access different outfits.

Packing Shoes

 When deciding what shoes to pack try and stick to three pairs. A sandal, a comfy shoe, and a fancy shoe. Make sure to place your shoes in one-gallon resealable bags to make sure that they do not damage any of your clothes and then place them along the sides of your suitcase.


 When packing your toiletries and beauty products opt for the travel sizes. Designate resealable bags for each type of product, a skin bag, a hair bag, and a hygiene bag. This will help keep you organized as well as prevent any leaks in your suitcase.

Pack your bag efficiently and you will have room to bring back all your finds finally being able to shop again!

Published by HOLR Magazine.