Many of us are obsessed with the beauty community.  With the ability to view amazing artists work their magic on Youtube and Instagram, who can blame us?

Although L.A is the hub for most of these beauty influencers, Canada has some major players rising in the beauty game as well. Whether you prefer watching Youtube videos, scrolling through your Instagram feed, or both, these are the people you should definitely be following for beauty hacks this year.


By: Alexandra Aulicino

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Farah Dhukai

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?diy glitter dry shampoo cuz aint nobody got time to wash their hair all the time.. great for festivals, school, first time meeting the parents, hot yoga, giving birth or if you're lazy and sleep > doing your hair ? ?you can skip the glitter if you want and just use the recipe as a regular dry shampoo (this is what i use to touch up my hair cuz i only wash my hair once every 1.5 weeks. yup..once every 1.5 weeks. my hair is so long it touches my ? .. aint nobody got time to wash and style Chewbacca. Will talk more about how i get away with this later )? ??dry shampoo is life shaving when youre in a bind, but heres the thing ..a lot of dry shampoos actually have alcohol and a bunch of other yuck in them… so the more you use them = not so good for the health of your hair. I like to make my own cuz its more cost effective and alcohol free and overall better for my hair ✅All you need to make your own dry shampoo: ??1 empty spice shaker ☃️1 cup Kaolin (white) clay (i did a recipe using this a while back in my feed.. this stuff is amaaaazing, and you can use it for different things so you dont have to get it JUST for this) I'll post that recipe on my insta story ❄️1 Tbsp Arrow Root powder (or cornstarch) ?Essential oil of your choice – I like Rose cuz its my fav scent, but the options are endless .. you can do lavender, sweet orange, vanilla, lemon, rosemary, anything you like! (the essential oil helps you trick ppl into thinkin your hair had a fresh wash and style but nope) ✨Glitter … the more the merrier ??Mix everything together in ur shaker ??Apply to your oily scalp ??Massage onto your scalp with your fingers ?and then.. LOOK FRESH, SMELL FRESH and SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND! ?*if you have an issue with it being white, add some charcoal or cacao powder if ur hair is dark.. obvi my hair is super dark and i don't ever have an issue so ur all goody without but just letting you know. Also ps. a little goes a LONG way, start with a little, massage in, then add more IF you need it ?Song: diamonds – @anders.nst ?Jacket: @21_hm Tag a friend who'd look ??with glitter hair! ??and like this vid and help ya girl out fam ????lysm 4ever

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Youtube: farahdhukai

Instagam: @farahdhukai

Farah Dhukai is a Toronto based youtuber and blogger, famous for her DIY beauty hacks.  She is an expert in creating remedies for issues from acne to dull hair.  She has become the queen of natural DIYs. Her Youtube videos range from hacks, to hair tutorials, to makeup application to some more personal Vlogs, while her  Instagram is focused on clips of her DIYs as well as some beautiful makeup applications.  Together with her husband, Farah owns Farsali the beauty brand that combines skincare and makeup and is famous for their, oils, primers, and jelly highlighters, this brand has in itself become a viral hit do to their instagrammable products.


2)Gina Shkeda

Youtube: Gins Makeup

Instagram: @ginashkeda

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I’m bluuuuu dabudi dabudaiiiiii ❄️ ?

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Gina is a Vancouver beauty blogger known for her natural makeup looks, as well as her more full on glam.  Her youtube channel highlights her funny personality and even features a series where she drinks alcoholic beverages and creates a tutorial inspired by them.  She is very artistic and takes inspiration from all different styles of makeup, she is not one to only showcase “instagram  makeup”.  She is known for her natural skin looks and bold bushy brows, such as her “boy beat” look.  When praised for her natural beauty Gina took a stand and highlighted how not even she naturally looks how she does in pictures, with the use of fillers, microblading and lash extensions, becoming someone young girls and women can look up to, she does not hide the reality of the beauty industry.


3) Jordi

Youtube: itslikelymakeup


Jordi is from B.C. and is known for her wild and creative makeup looks.  She creates character looks, does transformations and generally inspires with her bold and creative makeup application as she wears them with confidence.  Her amazing technique and wild looks are mesmerizing for beauty lovers alike, meaning that binge watching her videos for hours is totally normal.  She often features videos with different wigs and contacts making her looks more diverse.  In addition to her incredible skills her personality is so authentic and infectious, she even sometimes features her two adorable children in her videos.


4) Sonjdra

Youtube: sonjdradeluxe

Instagram: @sonjdradeluxe

Sonjdra is a very cool MUA from Vancouver that has a unique style of makeup application, often using her hands instead of brushes. Her videos are fun to watch, and educational as well as inspiring.  Her looks are unique, yet wearable — making them perfect for someone wanting to try something a little different.  She recently collabed with M.A.C cosmetics on a lipstick called “sonjdra deluxe” which is part of the M.A.C Maker collection and is in an orange-red shade with a matte finish (it’s amazing!).  Her looks are always glam — perfect for the girl that wants to be a little more extra, and feel a little more glamorous.


5) Samantha Ravndahl

Youtube: Samantha Ravndahl


Samantha is a beauty blogger from Vancouver that creates detailed videos that are educational and fun.  Her youtube channel and Instagram feature beauty, travel and lifestyle.  Her honest and humorous personality shines through in her videos and sets her apart, you can tell she is a true beauty lover.  She creates looks ranging from glam to natural and everything in between but don’t discount her as not being creative, her FX looks will prove you wrong.  She provides insight into the beauty community as well as exposing the everyday struggles of having skin issues that most people have to deal with. She shares her personal experiences and is someone we can all relate to.  In addition to this she also tries to use palettes and products in different ways so that the general public can learn to work with what they bought in as many ways as possible.


Canadian beauty bloggers are taking the beauty world by storm, check out their Instagram and Youtube channels for some serious inspo.


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