Okay. We need to talk about Christmas shopping.

It’s no secret that our wintry elf status is sort of reserved for slipping our poorly-wrapped gift boxes under towering Christmas trees. Holiday palettes, creamy lipsticks and cosmetic specials find homes in those awkward cubes, comfortable next to one another tucked snugly away beneath an evergreen conifer. Their peace is usually disturbed only by some pine needles raining down on top of them, or the occasional shake when a nosy recipient is estimating what might be inside.

But ColourPop‘s recent launch poses a simple question: Why not fill our stockings with some beauty products, too?

Recently on their instagram page, @trendmood1 leaked a photo of ColourPop‘s recent collection of Stocking Stuffers. Thanks to ColourPop Cosmetics, on Monday December 4th, nine unique Stocking Stuffers were released online at an extremely affordable price.

They are all pocket-sized, neatly packaged trio sets for the lips and eyes, ranging from matte to satin and glitter. On top of that, certain sets have one exclusive shade or lip colour inside. If that hasn’t lured you in, the price will. All sets are only $10.00 USD for three different lip glosses or shadows. So now that most of our gift shopping is complete, it’s time to stuff our stockings — and not just with some candy and chocolate.

Just in time for the holiday season, here’s your first look at some of the sets ColourPop is offering. Take one…or a handful. Grab some for friends, family, and don’t forget about yourself!

Milk and Cookies Eye Set and Lip Set – $10.00 USD

First set down the list is the  Milk and Cookies Eye Set and Milk and Cookies Lip Set, with each lip gloss boasting a range of textures, varying from matte to satin to glitter, and an eye set offering the same variety in mauve shadows. Grab a set before it runs out at ColourPop Cosmetics.

Sugar and Spice Eye Set and Lip Set – $10.00USD

The Sugar and Spice Eye Set and Sugar and Spice Lip Set are three warmer colours for our deeper skin tones filled with pinks, toffees and touch of gold for the eyeshadow and a different texture in every shade. Plus, both these sets have a new exclusive shade inside.

Strawberries and Creme Eye Set and Lip Set – $10.00USD

Next is ColourPop’s Strawberries and Creme Eye Set and Strawberries and Creme Lip Set each are sold at $10.00USD and contain glittering golds for the eyes and pinky nudes for the lips. The lip set also contains an exclusive shade inside.

Nuts and Berries Eye Set and Lip Set – $10.00USD

The last eye and lip sets are the Nuts and Berries Eye Set and the Nuts and Berries Lip Set that contains two shimmery golds paired with a rich dark burgundy, and a new exclusive lip colour.

Take Me Home Press Powder Shadow Palette – $10.00USD


ColourPop is also offering an additional Take Me Home Shadow Palette with 6 unique shimmery and matted shades. ISSUES, SIDE TRACKED, FRENCH KISS, SALT WATER, POPULAR DEMAND, and BITTER BETTER. The Take Me Home palette is portable, incorporates all the matte, metallic and shimmery show stoppers from the other trio eye sets and is perfect to use on any day for any season.

For more tips on beauty gifts for the holiday season, check out @HOLRmagazine on Instagram!


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