Pocket watches are a classic timepiece that has stood the test of time. No modern accessory can replicate its class and elegance. These very factors are among why they are highly valued and treasured with much care, in any generation. But how can one take care of a steampunk pocket watch? These guidelines will help you through maintaining yours for the decades, even centuries (by passing it on to your family’s next generation), to come. 

1. No Overwinding 

A steampunk pocket watch requires manual winding once per day, every day. This is the general rule of thumb when it comes to these timepieces. The mainspring in this watch category works on stored energy. Winding up the spring is, essentially, winding up the mainspring. And this can be done either via key-wind or stem-wind, depending on the type of pocket-piece you have. Always remember never to overwind it. Once a harsh metal-grinding or scratching sound is emitted by the gadget as you wind it up, stop. Let the professionals handle it. If you continue on, you will risk rough-winding the accessory and disengaging some of its interior parts. 

2. Store It Well When Not In Your Pocket 

During days when you don’t feel the need to carry your steampunk pocket timekeeper, store it in its box and/or a similar container. Said container should have an outer casing that will safeguard the timekeeper from abrasions and jarrings. At the same time, it should shield against varying temperatures. Better still, set it down on a corner of your home far from areas that catch direct sunlight, moisture, and wind. In other words, keep them away from windows, ventilators, HVACs, etc. 

3. No Colognes, Perfumes, And Deodorizers 

Do your best not to spray your pocket watch with colognes and perfumes. The same is true with furniture and room deodorizers. They contain harsh synthetic chemicals that may be harmful to the components that the watch is made of. They may cause staining and discolouration. And over time, they may even lead to surface corrosion.  Should you have a need to utilize synthetic fragrances, be sure to keep the watch in its case and store it first before spraying. 

4. Protect The Crystal 

Whenever the timepiece is in your pocket, the glass or “crystal” of the timepiece has to be turned over so as to face inward. This is an extra measure you are to take to avoid any mishaps of accidentally scratching the same. Besides this, be careful with how you keep it in a bag. Separate the pocket watch from items that pose potential threats to damaging the crystal. Keys, coins, pens, and similar objects must be placed in separate compartments, and away from the watch. 

5. Use A Micro-Fibre, Lint-Free Cloth 

When dirt and smudges befall your steampunk watch, use a micro-fibre, lint-free cloth. This kind of cloth material is delicate enough for your delicate timepiece. Additionally, the absence of lint and loose-fibres means that the cloth will not easily snag in and around the parts of the watch.