I’ll go straight out and say it, watches are one of the most timeless gifts you can get someone (no pun intended), especially when you know the receiver on a personal level. 

Looking at the Rado True Square Collection, it’s so obvious what the brand entails and what message it sends when that specific piece is on your wrist. Rado is the kind of company that knows square high-tech ceramics, I mean they invented it. They are known for their ground-breaking futuristic designs, Rado is the kind of company that sets the bar high, so taking this iconic square collection to another level, is exactly what they do best. A good watch speaks volumes, and that’s undeniable. 

Hard decisions were made, but therefore I choose these 2 options as the perfect gift:

  • True Square (black being the standout prom queen); this is a good option purely based on the subtlety of its appearance, this is perfect for the one who doesn’t try too hard to make an impression. This specific unit was their first watch made using a square injected monobloc high tech ceramic case, making it light, scratch-resistant, and comfortable on your wrist. 
  • True Square Automatic Open Heart (Any colour within this design, is sexy as hell); this watch is super bold and a straight-up showstopper, really for the fashion-savvy, risk tacker type of character. Not everyone can pull this off, but this baby is sure good to look at. The basis of the watch is made the same as the above, the unique difference would only be the skeletal design in front of the design. 

Another brand just as highly recommended would be the Hamilton Khakhi Aviation Converter, best known for making quality, stylish watches for pilots. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you do not have to be a pilot to own one of these dime pieces, anyone with outstanding preferences, unique qualities and a mature perspective would love this brand. This is Swiss engineering in a watch combined with high demanding aviation equipment. Founded in 1892, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with Hollywood and aviation roots, this is a watch to boast about. 

After a lot of introspection and self-deliberation, I’ve concluded my top-tier 2 watches: 

  • The Khaki Aviation Converter Automatic very self-explanatory, and decisions can be made purely on aesthetics.  This is the James Bond of watches; it needs no explanation nor introduction. 
  • If you’re looking for a little more function to your watch, then choose this 44mm GMT designed with a blue dial, it’s available with a brown leather strap or bracelet.  This watch is powered by the H-14 movement, it includes 80 hours of power reserve, making it perfect for the globetrotting thrill-seeking adventurer. 

I would like to stress that watches know no boundaries, nor gender. These selected items are perfect for any him/her gifting option, so would be classed as unisex. My birthday is in January, all the above would be preferred, thank you in advance. 


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