Free photos of Home officeDid you know that you do not have to be very artistic to customize your photos with creative photo effects? Well, the photo editing tools brought by technological advancement have changed how things used to be a couple of years ago.

It does not matter what you want to do with your photo. Whether you are simply enhancing your photos for your online resume, cropping images, adding colors to them, or even getting rid of the background, you will find a tool that can do that for you.

All you need to achieve this is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. You do not have to be skilled in graphic design. When it comes to creative photo effects, you have a wide variety to choose from. Here are some of them to experiment with;

Black and White Effect

This is one of the oldest photo effects we have today. Did you know that the cameras used many years ago produced black-and-white photos only? Well, technology has so far advanced and we have modern camera equipment.

Even though you can take black-and-white photos using modern cameras, you will be limiting yourself on the photo range and might miss some important aspects of the photo. The best option is to take colored photos.

After taking your colored photos, you can then use photo editing tools to add the black-and-white photo effect. You can adjust how the effect makes the photos look, their contrast, and anything else you want to make them match your requirements.

Turn Your Photos Into Paintings

Did you know that people pay a lot of money to have artists create paintings of their portraits? Well, technology has made sure that you do not have to spend this money since you can make a painting from a photo on your own.

Different online tools come with this effect. These tools are easy to use and do not require you to possess any artistic skills. All you have to do is choose the photo that you want to make a painting of and then upload it to one of these tools.

The tools will then do all the work for you. You can adjust the final result to match your requirements. With such a painting, you can print it and then hang it at home or maybe in your office. 

Retro and Vintage

When most people hear about retro and vintage photo effects, they mostly think about the old antique cameras that were used many years ago. Does it mean that you cannot get photos looking like they were taken years ago since you cannot get these cameras today?

No, it does not. You can take a photo using modern cameras and then customize it with retro and vintage effects. 

With online photo editing tools, you get different ways to add this effect and customize your photo to make sure that it meets your requirements. This way, you will get a 2022 photo looking like a photo that was taken in 1920!

Matte Effect

The matte effect has grown in popularity among graphic designers especially because of its ability to soften shadow and light contrast in images. This is very effective when looking for a way to reduce the glare and sharpness in a photo.

It is also one of the best photo effects for those who want to adjust the mood of their photos to meet certain requirements or even bring out certain textures in their photos. This effect grew popular after being used for years in TV and movies.

If you would like to customize a photo to add some form of emotion or change its look and feel, then the matte effect is the one for you. You can also use this effect to make a photo look softer than it originally was.

Damaged Film Effect

This is a standard photo effect that takes a normal photo and then makes it look like a distorted, blotchy, scratched, or grainy image. If you look at multiple film textures, you will realize that they morph a modern digital photo into a photo that looks degraded and old.

To add the damaged film effect to your photo, you need to get the right photo editing tool and upload the photo to it. After that, apply the effect to your photo, and then blend the photo and the texture to match your requirements. You can also adjust things like the photo exposure making sure that even though the photo looks damaged, it does not lose its focus.

You do not have to be a skilled graphic designer to add effects to your photos. As you can see above, there are different photo effects for you to experiment with using online photo editing tools.

Published by HOLR Magazine.