If you need more money on a monthly basis, then it could be worth looking into other revenue streams to help. By diversifying your revenue streams, you know that you’ll be financially secure even if one stream fails. Below, we explore how you can increase your monthly income via different sources. 


Working a day job

To look into other revenue streams, first you need the foundations of a solid day job. Once you have this in place, you can build upon your consistent and steady revenue by finding other revenue streams. For instance, a financial analyst can do consulting on the side, while a writer can freelance for different publications away from their main job. 

Starting a side business

One option is to start a small business on the side. This can seem daunting at first but consider where your skills and expertise lie. If you’re a fashion expert, you could set up a small clothes retailer. Or if you’re an accountant you could set up a small consultancy business on the side to advise businesses. Ultimately, a side business can work if you have industry expertise. 


Trading is growing in popularity as a side hustle. If you trade responsibly and get a little luck, you can easily make money from your smartphone or laptop. One option is to start forex trading to create a new revenue stream to make more money in your spare time. The forex marketplace is volatile, which presents plenty of opportunities for quickly making money. But at the same time, you could easily lose money quickly. Ultimately, you should do plenty of research to make sure you make educated decisions. 


You might find that the money you leave in a savings account doesn’t really accumulate. The interest rates just aren’t high enough. An alternative for increasing your savings is to invest it. This can net you a larger return than if you just left it in a savings account, although you could lose money too. Try doing your research and shrewdly invest in upwardly mobile, growing companies.


Many companies are now at ease with you working from home and this has made freelancing easier than ever before. Whether you’re an accountant, an SEO professional or a graphic designer, there are now more and more opportunities to complete freelance work in your spare time. 


There are plenty of ways to increase your revenue via multiple streams. In the digital age, there are many opportunities waiting out there. Whether it’s forex trading, freelancing or building a side business, there are plenty of ways to make more money each month. 


Published by HOLR Magazine