In recent years, tourism in Iceland has increased beyond measure. In fact, the Icelandic Touristic Board released a study showing that tourism has gone up by 23.6% since 2000.

It’s no surprise that a country with such amazing scenery, culture, and of course, food is attracting so many people. Even though Icelandic cuisine may take some getting used to, here are five foods you must try when you’re there.

1. Skyr

Considered one of the healthiest things in Icelandic cuisine, Skyr is a dairy product similar to yogurt. It can be purchased in the grocery store in a few different consistencies or smoothie bars, which generally use Skyr as their base.


2. Lamb Soup

For a country that doesn’t see too many hot days, it’s nice to come inside and warm up with some lamb soup. Lamb is one of the meats that Iceland specializes in. The freshness of the meat, paired with an authentic nordic recipe, will leave you feeling warm and satisfied.

lamb soup

3. Fish

Fish is another item that is native to Icelandic cuisine. Salmon and haddock are must-tries and are caught in Icelandic waters. A fish gratin made with cheese and potatoes is a popular dish and will only have you wanting more.

fish gratin

4. Rye Bread

Bread in Iceland is one of the fresher foods. It doesn’t have any preservatives and its shelf life is only a few days. Rye bread specifically pairs amazing with Icelandic food, especially the fish gratin.

rye bread

5. Brennivin

Though not food, Brennivin is Iceland’s signature alcoholic drink. It’s not for the faint-hearted but taking a shot is a must for the full Icelandic experience!



Written by: Ania Bessonov

Images retrieved from: tumblr, pinterest

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