Stephen Moodythe North American Education Director for Wella, Nioxin and Sebastian Professional–is one of the world’s foremost educators of professional hairdressers. 

He’s been developing his hair education program, ‘Triple Craft: the art of Color, Cut and Finish Transformation’, for the past six years leveraging his personal industry experience of over 32 years. Through his education, he trains professionals to use techniques that garner limitless creative possibilities. His Wella Professional cutting methodology, coined ‘Wella Cut Craft’, arms stylists with the information and tools to enhance their styling careers and approach styling differently. 

Throughout the past six years, he’s delivered it to countless professionals in Wella’s network. He has trained stylists worldwide from Milan and Paris,  to Shanghai and Moscow, and more!

We sat down with Stephen Moody and Fay Linksman, the Studio Manager for Wella Toronto and an Award Winning Colourist, to chat all things hair! 

Playing with Colour
Playing with colour is a trend that is not going away any time soon. With this though, comes a lot of damage to our hair. 

Stephen’s recommendation is to treat coloured hair with three powerful products: Colour Motion Shampoo, Conditioner, and Structure Mask. 

“The technology in this line elevates colour care beyond anti-fading and really aims to improve hair quality from root to tip. The shampoo product works to protect your colour by encapsulating metals and reducing the formation of free radicals–which are responsible for colour fading. The conditioner and the mask then work to add vibrant shine acting as a hair surface polisher, smoothing hair cuticles for improved shine and manageability. The mask also works as a bonding agent, helping to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair.” – Faye 

Faye also adds that a real professional will colour test your hair, so don’t be afraid to ask before committing. The best results usually come when you’re fully comfortable with your stylist, so have a conversation about what they think would look good and flattering on you! 

Natural Hair 
2020 is the year of embracing ourselves.

“We’ve seen a surge of individuals embracing their natural hair texture so we’ve developed a complete care line and a complete styling line for all different types of curls, from waves, to a mix of curls and waves, to curls.” – Stephen 

The recommendation: NutriCurls


For wavy locks, cleanse using NutriCurls’ Shampoo for Waves. 

For curly locks, cleanse using NutriCurls’ Shampoo for Curls. 


For dry or coarse hair, use NutriCurls’ Cleansing Conditioner for Waves and Curls. This product is formulated without silicones and is a conditioner-based cleanser. It detangles but does not lather. 

For more hydrated hair the NutriCurls’ Conditioner for Waves and Curls is for you. This detangling conditioner is a soft detangling formula that instantly provides lightweight nourishment and definition. 

For additional treatment, try the NutriCurls’ Mask for Waves and Curls. This deep treatment offers intense nourishment. The high level of nourishing and softening ingredients helps to prevent frizz. 


For wavy hair opt for NutriCurls’ Milk Waves nourishing spray. The lightweight nourishment aids with manageability and softness with no hold. 

For curly hair opt for NutriCurls’ Curlixir Balm. This defining balm adds definition to your curls, offering a soft hold with a beautiful bounce. 


For those perfect beachy waves, use the NutriCurls’ Anti-Frizz Soft Twirl Spray. 

Looking to fall in that perfect in between, try either the Fresh Up Anti-Frizz or Boost Bounce Definition Spray. 

To embrace all those curls, use their definition Curl Shaper. 

Snip, Snip, Snip:
More recently, people have been chopping off their locks.

We’ve seen it on the runway with supermodels like Kai Gerber, who cut her hair to an ear-length super crop, and on the red carpets with the likes of Zoe Kravitz donning an ultra-chic cropped pixie. This year we’re expecting to see more leading ladies and supermodels chopping off their hair drastically–and Faye and Stephen are all about it! 

“I’d love to see fashionable mullets come back into style,” notes Stephen. “Playing with layers can really add dimension to your features and enhance them. Once again, have a conversation with your stylist. Try asking them, ‘if I gave you creative freedom to do whatever it is you wanted, what would you do?’ You might be inspired!”