Leave it to Netflix to help us all get through the Coronavirus lockdown. The streaming platform has done it again, by releasing bingeworthy content when we need it most. While there’s plenty of content on there to keep you entertained, we’ve narrowed down to the 5 shows that we’ve been obsessing over (and seemingly all of Instagram too).

Tiger King

Who knew the world of privately owned wild cats could be, well, this wild. The docu-series follows a number of eccentric characters in the wild cat space from Joe Exotic, to Doc Antle and Carole Baskin. With every episode you think it can’t get any crazier and then it does.

Love is Blind

A reality dating show that sets people up to find love without getting to see who they’re speaking to until down the road. What could go wrong?

Toy Boy

This show is pretty much a Spanish Magic Mike infused with mystery and murder.


A show based on Sigmund Freud as he pairs up with a psychic and inspector to solve murders.

Self Made

Based on a true story, this narrative follows an African American washerwoman who leaves her impoverished past behind to build a multi-million dollar beauty empire.

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