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Summer is almost here — That means it’s time to spend time outdoors and have fun! There are a variety of ways to spend your time this summer, without having to spend any money. This article will cover 5 different ways you can have fun this summer, without needing to open your wallet! 

  1.     Go to the Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? From swimming in the water to sunbathing on the sand, going to the beach is never a letdown. Most of the activities listed below can also be done on the beach, so you can have even more fun!

  1.     Toss a Frisbee around with Friends

Do you have a frisbee? Or do you have a friend who has a frisbee? Either way, you should get together and play frisbee! Not only is this a fun way to be active and socialize at the same time, but you can also do this activity while maintaining a six feet distance from one another, so this activity is COVID-19 safe!

  1.     Have a Picnic

Gather some food and enjoy a nice meal at the park, beach or wherever you want to have your picnic! You can enjoy a date with yourself or invite some people from your social-distancing circle to join you on the excursion.

  1.     Go on a Bike Ride

It’s cycling season — It’s time to pull out that old bike in your garage and take it for a spin! If you don’t have a bike, ask a friend to borrow theirs. You can go on a bike ride alone or with some friends. You can cycle up to a beautiful spot and take some Instagrammable pictures or simply enjoy the view!

  1.     DIY projects

Do you have a bunch of DIY projects you want to do, but haven’t yet got around to doing? You can do them in the summertime! Whether it’s making tie-dye shirts or repainting an old piece of furniture — you’ll surely impress all of your friends with your crafting skills! 

As demonstrated by these 5 activities, you don’t need to spend money to have a fun summer!