At one point, every man wants his own den. We may not always consider this, but men frequently go through situations requiring space.

Therefore, every household needs to have a men’s space. However, the question is, what makes this space exclusive?

This article will discuss some great decor elements that will help you enhance your space and add charm. A room you can show off to your buddies or teach your son how to develop great taste.

So, without much delay, let us check out these great ideas!

Decor Elements To Create The Masculine Vibe

Given below are some of the greatest ideas and decor elements that bring the masculine charm to your space:

1. Vintage Collectibles

Vintage collectibles date back to the industrial or post-World War eras. These are antiques. Therefore, they are rare and have historical significance.

When you keep vintage collectibles in your space, you communicate your taste in its finest form.
Moreover, they connect you with your heritage. They symbolize your thoughts, ideals and roots.

For instance, if you’re someone interested in photography, displaying a vintage camera in your room conveys your fascination with the subject. It helps paint your character through the space.

A vintage typing machine is another great vintage collectible addition to a men’s space.

You can create a mock workstation in your room. To give it more character, take up a corner, put down an old table, and keep your typewriter on it. You can also get a vintage cigar box to enhance the old wine look.

Some other great choices of vintage collectibles for a man’s space include:
• Old Movie Posters
• Clocks
• Vintage car models
• Collection of vintage movies
• Vintage movie characters’ figurines
• Old metal boxes
• Vintage telephones
• An old guitar
• Vinyl records

2. Themed Aquarium

Fish tanks are not just a decor piece; they promote peace. After a tough day at work or during difficult times, you only need to sit in front of your aquarium.

When you look at your fish swimming inside the tank, you realize that your world is nothing but the tank. All you need is to keep swimming and gathering the food.

Keeping fish tanks in a room reminds us to relax and helps us cope with anxiety.

However, for a men’s room, you can always take it a step further.

Here comes the idea of a themed aquarium!

The market is filled with these ideas. Moreover, decorating an aquarium can be an incredibly fun activity. As you’re exclusively creating a men’s space, you can share this activity with the younger men in your family.

Here are some great themed aquarium ideas you’ll love for your den:
• Glow Theme: You can find neon tank decorations from signs to a shoal of GloFish. It can be a cool addition and especially magical in a dark room.
• Finding Nemo: This classic movie about a father-son bond can give your room a touch of masculine care through your aquarium.
• Space Tank: Bringing the outer world inside your fish tank is such a cool idea. You can add colorful sand and alien-looking ornaments to complete the look.
• Underwater life of Bob: Sponge Bob Square Pants is one of our favorite shows while growing up. Dedicating your fish tank theme to this show is a clever idea.

3. Perfume Organizer

Most men are passionate about perfume. It portrays your rich taste and vigor. Then why not boast if you have a great collection?

Putting up a perfume organizer multiplies the richness of your room. You can find a perfume organizer that goes with the overall theme of your room.

For instance, a wooden cologne organizer can go perfectly with the setup if your room is filled with rich vintage objects. However, a stylish stainless steel perfume organizer can perfectly fit in if you’ve styled the space with a more modern approach.

Moreover, if you’re interested in a twist, you can use an apothecary organizer for your selection of perfumes.

You can organize your perfumes according to their notes and tones. Start with the lighter ones and finish with strong spicy, musk or woody notes.

You can also arrange them according to brands.

Additionally, every bottle of perfume has a story attached to it.

Therefore, we suggest you never throw away a bottle of perfume. Try not to use them till the last drop. Keep every bottle. These can be one of the best additions to your space!

4. Retro Arcade Machine

Men’s rooms are mostly synonymous with game rooms. Although both men and women enjoy video games and arcade games, we can agree that no one else would actually allow you to keep a classic arcade machine in their room.

It’s easy to find men who long for their private space to bring home Ms. Pac-Man.

A retro arcade machine takes you back to your childhood and gives your space an identity. Moreover, it helps you keep your guests entertained.

You can also go for customized games to fit your choices and tastes. It is a great addition to a man’s space and always comes with a great story from your childhood.

Arcade game machines are easily available online, or you can visit vintage game stores to get one for your room. From Asteroids to Donkey Kong, you can pick your favorite game or consider getting multiple machines to create a nostalgic and happy vibe in your den.

5. Movie Posters

If you’re looking for a statement addition to your decor elements, a movie poster can go perfectly!
Movie posters are not mere promotional devices. They are a form of art.

Moreover, if you can get original posters, it can help add a rich persona and portray your taste. A movie poster can be your way of self-expression. It helps display your identity.

You can pick up posters according to the following divisions:
• Genres
• Timeline
• Favorite directors
• Favorite actors
• The color scheme of your room

You can find these original movie posters online. However, if you have connections with industry people, you can find some of the best posters.

Reflect Your Self

To figure out the perfect decor elements for your room, it is important that you look within yourself. Find out your likes, dislikes and tastes.

Your space must reflect what you are. Be a man of great taste and have a keen eye for perfection when it comes to decorating your space.

So start your inner journey and put it up on the walls and corners of your den!

Published by HOLR Magazine.