Creating a yoga spot in your home is one of the best ways to honour yourself. Having that corner reinforces your passion for yoga and makes it easy for you to be consistent in your practice routine. 


When you step into a yoga studio, you experience a feeling of calmness and peace. Maybe it is the Buddha statue, the beautifully scented candles, or the lighting. Whatever it is, you can recreate it in your home to have the ideal yoga corner. Here are some helpful tips.


The best yoga spaces are free of clutter. They only have functional or decorative items. If there are items that do not serve any of these purposes, they need to go. Clutter is not only unattractive but also distracting. It makes it difficult to focus. When starting, get rid of everything and start with a blank canvas. It is the simplest way to ensure that you do not have unnecessary items.

Make Space For Your Mat

When trying to create a yoga spot at home, this is the most important requirement. Ensure that you have enough space for your yoga mats. There are plenty of yoga mats online and it is easy to find one that matches your space. If you do not have to worry about the right place to unroll your yoga mat, you are likely to remain consistent.

You don’t need an entire room for practice. Pick out a part of your home and set it aside for yoga. If there is enough room to roll your mat, you do not need anything else.  

Pick the Right Colors

The best colors for your yoga corner are warm whites and cool tones. They should be calming and relaxing. Since yoga is meant to promote both physical and mental health, consider using non-toxic paint. It fosters a sense of nurturing yourself as well as the environment. Your best color options include blushing pink, orange, blue, and dark purple.

The goal is to pick a color that encourages you to pursue your goal while keeping you relaxed.

Invest In Props

Even though you only need mats for your yoga corner, having other props is a good idea. Consider investing in blocks, a blanket, and straps. Before investing in these props, ensure that you are willing to be consistent in your practice. If you cannot get a bolster, a stack of pillows would work just as well. You can stack books as an alternative to yoga blocks.

Use Lighting to Set the Mood

The right lighting will help you set the mood for your yoga corner. It should also be enough to promote visibility. You may use lighting to create a sense of tranquility. Consider using dim switches and overhead lighting to create the right mood. Use color lights to promote color therapy.

Candles may also set a relaxing atmosphere in your yoga corner. They are soothing and may help you introduce pleasant scents to your space.

Take advantage of natural lighting as much as you can. It awakens both your mind and body and motivates you for practice. Natural light promotes openness and can make your yoga space look bigger.

Decorate With Intention

When accessorizing your yoga space, you need to be intentional. Choose accessories with meaning. Scented candles, for example, are not only beautiful but also a great way to promote calmness. Aromatherapy sprays can make your yoga spot more inviting. You can use flowers, crystals, or statues to represent intention. Using accessories, make your yoga corner a place that you enjoy.

Make It Peaceful

Make your yoga corner as peaceful as possible. It should be away from the noise, distraction, and human traffic. Set out your yoga corner in a space that receives enough natural light and fresh air. You should be able to stretch, bend, and lie down without any concerns. If you cannot dedicate an entire room to your practice, consider doing yoga on a secluded patio, in your bedroom, or on your balcony.

Keep It Clean

Keep your corner clean and organized at all times. A neat space will encourage you to practice. After practice, put away everything that you do not need and clean the practice area. If you use improvised props, put them away even if you intend to use them again the next day.

You do not need a huge space to practice yoga at home. With just enough space for a yoga mat, you can turn any part of your home into a practice area. It can be your space to meditate, relax, and practice yoga.