It is good to have trees in your backyard. Trees in the backyard have many benefits, including providing shelter to the young vegetation, giving out oxygen, and increasing house value. Any house harbored by trees costs more compared to those on bare land. However, at times, it becomes necessary to get rid of the trees. This situation happens when the trees seem to hurt the homestead instead of being advantageous to it. When such a need arises, it’s time to have the tree removed. Which signs show it’s time to remove the tree? Here are some six signs to check out.

The tree is growing abnormally

If you planted the trees a long time ago, you have mastered how they grow without affecting your house and other structures. Sometimes you can trim them to ensure they don’t creep or damage your home. A typical tree should have consistent growth, appealing leaves, and beautiful flowers. It should provide the required benefits. Certified arborists from recommend removing this tree when its growth becomes abnormal and has started affecting other plants and backyard structures. Such abnormal growth happens when the tree gets old or gets affected by plant diseases.  

The Trunk is splitting

The truck supports the upper part of the tree. It is the main transportation channel for nutrients to and from the roots and other tree parts. At all times, the trunk should be healthy and robust to support other parts. However, when the trunk gets affected by insects and diseases, it might split or cave in, making the tree fall. When you notice the splitting truck, experts advise having the tree removed to avoid adverse effects caused by the falling tree. Once you see the cracks and splits, it shows all is not well, and you should call the tree company to have it safely removed without damaging other plants and properties.

When planning a construction project

This situation is not a sign of an ailing tree, but it’s among the reasons why trees get removed from the backyard. You might get tempted to remove the tree when you want to develop your backyard. It might be you want to construct a shed, change the landscape, or build other structures, including the garage. While sometimes it’s necessary to leave the tree intact, you need to remove it when you are sure it will mess up with your new structure. Besides this, most construction processes affect the tree roots, and it’s crucial to remove them early before building the structure than doing it when the tree has withered.

When the bark starts to peel

This situation depends on the tree type. Some trees peel their barks naturally, and you don’t have to worry when such happens. However, when the bark’s tree peels and the new one doesn’t grow, it shows something wrong. It might be withering away, or diseases infect it. 

While you can call the arborist to have the tree checked, adverse damage requires the tree removed from the backyard. Removing the tree doesn’t mean all is lost. You can plant a new one immediately after that.

Signs of root rot

Roots are among the essential parts of the tree. Besides holding the tree firmly on the ground, they help collect nutrients and water from the ground. When the roots start to rot, it shows all is not well with the tree, and it’s time you remove it from the backyard. What are the signs of roots rot? These include pale yellow leaves, stunted growth, and dead branches. It becomes difficult to treat the root damages, and it’s important having the whole tree removed. Removing the tree also prevents the disease from spreading to nearby trees.

When damages occur after the storm

If you live in areas frequented by heavy storms, you understand how worse the situation becomes when the storm passes. While some trees end up growing even after the heavy storm, some end up withering after being uprooted or cut. It is essential uprooting the remaining parts of the trees or have the whole tree removed if there is considerable damage to the stems and roots. This prevents the trees from rotting and also creates space for planting new trees. There are cases of damaged houses, crashed cars, and other accidents caused by falling trees immediately after the storm. Removing these trees enables you to protect your property and families from becoming victims of falling trees.  

If worried about removing the trees by yourself, it’s crucial to call the tree removing company and have your problem sorted. Other reasons for calling such companies include when the trees are near power lines. Removing the damaged or infected trees keeps your family and your structures safe.

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