After working every minute of the day for a week, we all urge to spend our weekends chilling with our family and friends. And, for all those Sunday brunches, movie nights, karaoke parties, and barbecue dinners, you need a separate entertainment space.

Fret not if you don’t have a large indoor space for entertaining your friends over the weekend. A small outdoor space and a little creativity are all you need to create a beautiful outdoor entertainment area. Scroll down to find some easy tips to help you create a gorgeous and functional outdoor entertainment area that will also make you a subject of appreciation among your friends. 

Find a perfect location and clean it 

Start by looking for a perfect location to convert into your entertainment area. It could be anything, your patio, a deck, your backyard, a large balcony, or your terrace. 

Once you have finalized the location, clean it. If there’s a lot of junk lying around your potential entertainment area, call a junk removal service and do away with it. Once the area is clear of all the unwanted things, dust it out and mop the floor. 

Plan a seating space 

Prioritize comfort over anything. Bring in comfortable outdoor furniture, like chaise lounges, bean bags, outdoor armchairs, sun loungers, and hammocks. 

Also, instead of creating a common seating space, think of creating different seating areas. For instance, create a separate seating area for kids with children’s outdoor furniture or a separate outdoor dining space. 

Set up an outdoor kitchen and bar 

A beautiful Saturday evening, your friends, lip-smacking grilled food, and your favorite cocktails- who wants to go to heaven when you can create it here? 

Invest in an outdoor grill and some essential outdoor cooking appliances to create an outdoor kitchen space. You can go a step ahead by adding elements like a wood-fire pizza oven, a professional coffee machine, a margarita machine, an ice maker, etc. 

Making a bar area is practical as you will only need a few stools and your favorite liquor. 

A television and sound system 

Outdoor television is all you need to take your outdoor entertainment game to the next level. Imagine a movie night with your family with some drinks, pizza, and popcorn- wow! Also, bring in outdoor speakers to stream your playlist during your dinner party. 

But as it is a big investment, make sure you research your options well. 

Install bright lights 

Lighting contributes to creating a beautiful ambiance. Plus, you will certainly need them after the sun goes down. 

Be tasteful with the lighting. Think of ambient lights that cast a soothing effect. To jazz up the party mood, add some string lights. 

As for the kitchen area, make sure you have ample task lighting to assist you during cooking. 

Stay prepared for surprises

Weather can change in a blink of an eye. Wind and rain can spoil your party anytime. Hence, weatherproof your outdoor entertainment area. 

It may sound complicated, but it is not. All you need is a retractable canopy or pergola to cover the area against rain, wind, and harsh sun. It’s also necessary to protect your expensive appliances, electronics, and furniture from damage. 

The bottom line 

Creating an outdoor entertainment area may sound like a big investment, but it is totally worth it. The pleasure of sitting and enjoying some fun-filled moments with friends and family multiplies by leaps and bounds when you have a dedicated entertainment space. 

Now that you have many fun ideas, go ahead and create your outdoor entertainment space. 

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