Alabama Barker and Tana Mongeau fighting?

What happened between Alabama Barker and Tana Mongeau? HOLR breaks down the supposed story.

Alabama Barker Tana Mongeau Reddit

According to this TikTok video posted by user @tanasvibe, Barker messaged Mongeau back in 2018 telling Mongeau that she’s “really pretty.” Mongeau messaged back responding that she was “so sweet” and it was “big sis little sis vibes.” The duo then agreed that they should hang out.

Alabama Barker Tana Mongeau Reddit


Alabama Barker Tana Mongeau Drama

Following this interaction she asked Mongeau who dyes her hair and the pair are voice memo-ing and going back and forth. Mongeau even allegedly helped her find a manager in 2021. Mongeau also invited her to her birthday party and reportedly let her invite a bunch of people to the party.

Alabama Barker Tana Mongeau Instagram

Then Mongeau explains that Barker “blew up” online and stopped “hitting” her up, which Mngeau understood. However, Mongeau would also still comment on Barker’s photos online. Then, out of the blue, Mongeau noticed that Barker had unfollowed her. Again, she understood that she was getting more famous.

Fast-forward to recently, Barker posted a TikTok and someone commented “It’s giving Tana Mongoose” to which Barker replied, “No thanks.”

This TikTok video posted by user @jessweslie explains the alleged beef.

Alabama Barker Tana Mongeau Drama


Mongeau took this personally because Barker had previously complimented her and asked for her hair girl. Mongeau wants to give her “grace because she’s younger” but she’s not vibing with Barker’s recent response.

Barker also allegedly responded by saying that “all blonde people don’t look alike, no hate.”

Mongeau still found Barker’s original comment to be “rude” to which she chose not to directly reply to the drama.

What do you think about this alleged drama between the duo?

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