Did Austin cheat on Catherine McBroom? HOLR breaks down the rumors.

Ace Family Catherine

Rumors are swirling regarding whether or not there are cheating allegations surrounding the Ace Family divorce that was just announced. When Austin and Catherine McBroom took to social media to announce their divorce, which shocked fans, some theories started running rampant online claiming that there was alleged cheating going on in the pair’s long-term relationship.

Ace Family Cheating

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Catherine posted a long video (here) to social media following her announcement, alleging that she was “not happy.” “I feel like I was lying to myself for a long time telling myself that I was happy,” says Catherine in the clip.

Catherine claimed that certain things “didn’t feel right and weren’t right,” alleging that these feelings went on for years. She claims that her loyalty and commitment to her family are “unmatched.” Catherine also notes that she is “saying a lot without saying a lot” in the clip, but that she is “truly truly happy” now.

Ace Family Divorce

Although the pair have not specified why exactly they are getting divorced- just that it was a mutual agreement- many fans think that there were cheating allegations involved in their decision to part ways.

Ace Family Cheating

Social media stars had previously taken to their respective platforms in the past to call out Austin McBroom for allegedly cheating on Catherine, but these claims do not have concrete evidence to back them up.

In this clip posted a few years ago by social media star Tana Mongeau, Tana claims that Austin and Catherine got into a fight about a lipstick that was supposedly left in his car that wasn’t Catherine’s. Check out the clip in question here, reposted by user @deanredmonds on TikTok.

Ace Family Cheating

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Austin publicly addressed this situation as well, denying Tana’s cheating claims, as outlined in this video reposted by user @vanessamarougi on TikTok.

Ace Family Cheating

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Although we don’t know for sure if cheating was involved in the Ace Family divorce, and there is no concrete evidence to back these allegations, what do you think about the claims surrounding the two and their separation? 

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