ALDO shoes are building upon their sustainability journey with a new collection. The brand made history as the first company to be certified as climate neutral for its stores, offices, and distribution centers. The new “ALDO Love Planet” collection builds on this commitment to sustainability, introducing a variety of items that make use of new technology and recycled materials to create a collection that stays true to the brand’s focus on social responsibility within fashion.

The “ALDO Love Planet” collection is firmly rooted within the brand’s roots and identity. The collection consists of a variety of men’s and women’s footwear and accessories including boots, trainers, bags, and heels. These new items make use of recycled materials such as neoprene and jersey. Subsequently, the collection not only remains carbon neutral but also aims to tackle the issue of waste in line with ideas of ‘circular fashion’.

The collection also introduces innovative new technology to this line, CleanStep. CleanStep is a sustainably sourced material that will be the star of the brand’s Fall 2020 collection. The material is a 50/50 mixture of thermoplastic rubber and algae biomass. The result of this is a sustainable material that is not detrimental to the planet and which can be actively beneficial. The use of this material can help clean and filter polluted water, prevent CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and prevent thousands of pounds of waste from entering landfills.

ALDO believes that the best way to act as a fashion brand in the interest of the planet is to “minimize waste while maximizing style”. This collection is a perfect example of that. One of the best products of the collection that highlight this is the RPPL sneaker. This collection is the third iteration of this style and each pair is made using five recycled plastic bottles which would otherwise clog up landfills and recycling centers. 

The RPPL also makes use of recycled knit material and some of the innovative technology that ALDO is known for. The shoe has a BLOOM Foam insole, made of material derived from algae biomass, and a EVA Python midsole which again is derived from algae biomass. This shoe is the literal definition of a ‘carbon neutral footprint’.

A personal favourite that has seen a sustainable update is the Reilly combat boot. A chunky boot is perfect footwear for outfits in Autumn and the Reilly comes in three colourways: a classic black, a trendy dusty pink, and a statement-making white colour which would look amazing in anybody’s wardrobe. The boot makes use of the brands CleanStep technology and features an upper made from leather certified by the Leather Working Group. 

The aim of the collection is to empower you to look good while feeling good. The products are of course fashion-focused and stylish, but they also help make an incredibly positive environmental impact. When you buy an item from this collection you are not only supporting the brand itself but also the efforts ALDO are making to provide eco-conscious, responsibly sourced items. The “ALDO Love Planet” collection is all about providing you a way to feel good about the clothing you wear and the impact you make.

Aldo Bensadoun set out to build a brand with a conscience, and that looked ahead to the future. This collection definitely stays true to that idea. ALDO has been building its effort in sustainability over the course of 7 years. They have been involved in various programs focused on achieving zero waste and providing sustainable services. By 2018 the ALDO Group were certified as carbon neutral, in 2019 they debuted their first sustainable product in the RPPL and now, in 2020, they are releasing the “ALDO Love Planet”.

ALDO is a company dedicated to providing fashion with a conscience. To shop the collection and find out more about the brand, click here.