What could be a more beautiful manner to celebrate International Women’s Day than a partnership between a jewelry label and a charitable organization fighting to support moms with cancer? Jenny Bird jeweler will be donating money from the sales of their Monogram necklace to Nanny Angel Network in support of their extremely touching cause. Check this out!

Fashion Jewelry brand Jenny Bird and local charitable organization Nanny Angel Network unite forces to commemorate upcoming International Woman’s Day with a very special campaign. Effect immediately and until March 7th, from each Jenny Bird Monogram necklace sold on their website, $20 dollars will be donated to Nanny Angel Network.

Jenny Bird is the Canadian leading fashion jewelry designer which creates contemporary pieces that are the perfect match between creativity and a bold, fearless spirit. The brand has captured the attention of a number of Hollywood celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez, due to its striking yet wearable designs that can be worn for years to come. The Founder and Creative Director of this homonymous label is very passionate about growing herself a female-led business. The brand has seen explosive growth since its creation in 2008, when it initially started as a handbag label and then expanded into jewelry in 2010, and is currently available in leading fashion retailers worldwide. Jenny Bird’s Monogram necklace presents sculptural curves and smooth shapes, available either in high-polish gold or high-polish silver versions. Follow JB on their social media pages to learn more about this campaign and to get inspired as International Women’s Day quickly approaches.

Fashion Jewelry Brand Jenny Bird's Monogram Necklace Sales Destined to Help Nanny Angel Network For International Women's Day

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Nanny Angel Network is a charitable organization based in Toronto intended to lessen the impacts of cancer on families. It is the only organization in Canada dedicated to offering support to moms with cancer, by providing them specially trained and free childcare support. To do so, the network gathers the needed resources for moms to care for their children while helping children to cope with their moms’ illnesses by giving them the necessary tools to build resiliency. Operating since 2009, the organization has already supported over 1,500 families living with the pains of cancer across the Greater Toronto and Kingstone areas. Moreover, it has also provided over 25,000 nutritious cooked meals to immunocompromised moms. Hit their website to learn more about the network and to find out how to get involved with their cause.

Charitable Organization Nanny Angel Network Teams Up With Fashion Jewelry Brand Jenny Bird to Celebrate International Women's Day

Photo Credit: CDHalton

In Jenny Bird’s words, “we believe – and know – when women show up for one another, hope is restored and possibilities are unlocked”. About this beautiful initiative she added, “the Nanny Angel Network creates opportunities and potential for women and their families. They are the angels; we are simply proud to be behind them to help them expand their impact”. According to Audrey Guth, Founder and Executive Director of the Nanny Angel Network, “cancer is so much more than a tumour. It impacts the entire family, especially the children”. She stated that “we are so grateful to have partners like Jenny Bird, their donation will provide much-needed respite to moms so they can focus on their treatments and also give their children the tools to navigate their mom’s cancer journey”.

With this initiative, Jenny Bird will directly provide resources to those moms with cancer, who can often find themselves having to choose between taking good care of their kids or caring for themselves. By purchasing a JB Monogram necklace, you can also be a part of the fight to help those warrior women struggling with such a devastating illness.

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