All about the Grammy Nominated & ASCAP Award-Winning Composer.

Russell Howard is best recognized as the Grammy Nominated and ASCAP Award-Winning Composer with the most placements on TV and film to date. As he celebrates his 20th anniversary of sobriety this coming March, Howard is a recovery advocate who spends a lot of time lending his wisdom and advice to the community.

To get a better understanding of how and why mental health is important to him, Howard took a moment to catch up with Albertus Projects’ Alex Colyer, to chat about sobriety, the music industry, his past, how he lost it all, his life now, and so much more.

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Russell Howard got his start when he was signed to Sony to produce Kobe Bryant’s album, which included a song with Destiny’s Child (starring Beyoncé) as well as a single, with Tyra Banks. It was at this moment in time that he struck the interest of artist, Jay-Z, who decided to buy two tracks that landed on his album and made Howard a Grammy-nominated producer. From then on, he signed a deal with Babyface Edmonds’ label as an in-house producer and went on to produce for DMX, Lupe Fiasco, Paris Hilton, Paul Wall, Seal, and so many more inspiring artists.

As seen on popular outlets such as; Andy Cohen, Forbes, NY Times, Variety, Billboard, and more, Howard has been highly decorated for his work. His accomplishments have also appeared on MTV, ABC, and CNBC, including on shows such as; Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Bachelorette, in which he has collaborations alongside Hollywood’s most notable producers. These included Scott Storch, and celebrity musicians such as Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, DMX, Lupe Fiasco, Paris Hilton, and Paul Wall. As co-founder and head composer of Signature Tracks, Russell Howard has won five ASCAP Awards in his career to date as the composer with the most placements on television and film.

A true businessman at heart, Howard spotted the need for quality music in television and founded Signature Tracks in partnership with childhood friends, David Lasman and Adam Malka, in 2008. The rest, as they say, was history. Together, they produced track after track daily to keep up with the television and film industry’s fast-moving demand, in which they successfully cornered the market, taking it over from all angles.

Howard currently resides in the OC, with this son, and when he’s not working in the studio, he enjoys spending time working out. Now 19 years sober, he is a huge advocate in the recovery space and will be celebrating his 20th sobriety anniversary on March 29, 2022. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the latest podcast episode of Tapping Into The Human, which centers around addiction, recovery and mental health, and is hosted by Alex Colyer. This audio is available for streaming on any podcast platform.

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