Since coming to Canada in 2011 entrepreneur Alina Tacmelova had plans to create a successful business for herself, and that she did. Coming to Canada with her son all she had was $500, not many people can admit to something like that but for Alina and her son this became a success story. 

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After a few months living in Canada, Alina met and fell in love with her second husband and from there they decided to start up a flower shop in a Russian area, a way for Alina to feel comfortable as she did not speak English at the time. As time went on Alina’s flower shop Flowers Time became successful after the trial and error of innovating the Canadian floral market, she eventually found her niche.

With the success of the business, Alina found ways to think outside of the box and create florals that nobody has seen before, working with outside professionals and training her staff to be the best they can.  This eventually leads Alina to create and grow 2 more businesses Lux Flower Box and At Design Agency

Lux Flower Box had become the first Toronto-based flower business to start doing arrangements inboxes and from there it started a very famous trend, that many florists have been inspired by Alina and her designs. Their company At Design Agency was created especially for corporate event decor which goes hand in hand with the other two companies. 

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As an entrepreneur, Alina’s success not only came from her ideas but came from dedication and passion for her work. 

What goals have you achieved since starting your businesses and what goals do you wish to achieve in the near future for your businesses?

I immigrated to Canada in 2011 and began my journey by working as a florist for a shop. I was there for approximately 3 months before I decided to branch out and open up our own business. Our beginning was hard; those first few months were extremely difficult, probably the most difficult in my life. Initially, our work was rejected twice as it was not up to the Wedluxe grand standard. However, after all of the blood, sweat and tears I can finally say that we made it! Since those initial few rejections, Wedluxe now prints several of our weddings every year. We have been featured on their cover for the last 4 years and we’re privileged to sponsor them 3 times. Even though many of my dreams have been realized, I always like to think bigger. I want to work and succeed on a global scale. I would like to work with international celebrities in different countries with various backdrops and design elements. I do not only want to continue focusing on weddings but also dive into interior design. I want our business to be recognized all over the world as a leading design firm.

Being a successful businesswoman in Canada is an achievement in itself, what can you say has made your journey so rewarding, or inspiring for yourself?

This journey for me has been immensely rewarding and inspiring. It is such a pleasure to see peoples’ expressions when their eyes land on our work when they realize that we have created things of which they only dreamt of. It is truly humbling when a bride’s eyes fill with tears as she walks into our room, speechless and in awe. All of these little moments drive me, they push me to continue being the perfectionist that I am, to achieve the unachievable. We created ripples in that calm lake. We became something new, something different, something unusual that people have never seen before. I want our work to continue being different, to continue being out there, and to never stop growing. I want us to realize dreams that were once thought of as impossible.

Flowers Time has become a high-end floral and decor production company creating amazing art installations through floral arrangements for weddings and corporate events. Alina has managed to make dreams come true and bring visions to life, creating arrangements and decor pieces to be some of the most memorable pieces to look at and remember. 

Flowers Time’s success is appreciated and acknowledged by WedLuxe Magazine. Alina has officially succeeded one of her many goals by being featured in WedLuxe magazine multiple times, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to create and think outside of the box. 

Alina’s story is not only about the success of her business but about inspiring women from anywhere wanting to give themselves a better life and a successful one that you can do it. Canada and the world both need more businesswomen, and Alina’s story is one to inspire women everywhere.