Female and Canadian, what better person to set the bar than entrepreneur Ashley Macintyre. Ashley is the principal owner of MacIntyre Communications, a boutique public relations agency in the heart of downtown Toronto. Ashley herself is a creative storyteller who loves to work alongside talents in fashion, beauty, and many other multimedia organizations. 

With MacIntyre communications, Ashley was able to promote all her passions by helping creatives in Toronto. Her agency allows the stories of people in these creative industries to be told in a way to promote their businesses and companies. As a public relations professional Ashley and her company have strategically promoted companies that best describe who they are and what they do, her influence in the industry and among many companies is unparalleled.

What does it mean to be a woman in business, especially a woman in PR and Marketing?

I have always wanted to carve my own path so that I can support and empower others.  Being a woman in business allows me to decide my professional trajectory and bring my vision to life of creating a company where others can do the same.    With respect to PR and Marketing, I’ve always been drawn to the industry because it is the perfect mix of art and science.  This is a results-driven business but creativity and intuition are paramount for success which is why I think there are so many talented women in the field. 

Being an entrepreneur in PR and representing lifestyle brands/clients, how has the last year changed the way you conduct or built your business?

The last year has had an immense impact on MacIntyre Communications.  Thankfully, our team has remained safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.  I am so proud of how everyone has responded to this global crisis.  We have come together as a team and adjusted how we work, communicate, and strategize to provide the most value for our clients.  After the initial shock and fear subsided, we pushed the limits of our creativity and it has paid off.  Given the current social climate, it has never been more important for brands to authentically communicate their values and that is exactly what we are helping our clients accomplish.

As a communications company based in Toronto, how has the pandemic changed the way to market or promote the brands/clients during a global pandemic?

I recently read an interesting quote that I think is very applicable to the current state of the industry “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.  While it’s easy in times of crisis to try to reinvent the way we do every little thing, ultimately, it still comes down to ROI for the client.  What we do is first identify where consumers’ attention is headed and then determine how to authentically communicate to them.  More and more brands are focused on selling directly to consumers through digital platforms which presents a huge opportunity for our business by leveraging influencer marketing.  

PR and Marketing is a very creative job title. What approach do you take when it comes to managing companies or clients with a very creative storyline?

Our entire team is incredibly creative and this has always been the component that sets us apart.  In order to foster creativity, we empower our team to take ownership of projects so they are free to push the boundaries and excite the consumer.  Our team respects and has fun with one another so it’s easy to bounce ideas around and develop unique storylines for our clients. 

Being a businesswoman in Canada is an amazing achievement, how have you created a name for yourself, especially when it comes to obstacles like fair and equal opportunities to your male counterparts?

I never felt that I needed to make a name for myself.  My primary focus has always been to do great work for interesting brands and have fun doing it.  For me, it’s been about showing up everyday and working hard.  We work in an incredible industry so it’s easy to stay excited and motivated.  Don’t get me wrong, not all days are going to be smooth and obstacles will always present themselves but we’ve worked extremely hard to build a strong culture and company values that serve as a guide through those challenging times.