According to color psychology, colors have a significant effect on our mood and behavior. Some colors have a calming effect on us, like green and blue, while other colors can make us feel anxious and irritated, like red and orange. Also, colors affect how we perceive our homes, as wall colors can make you see a room bigger or smaller. Rooms with colors are livelier and more fun than plain rooms. 

Read on if you are planning on changing the colors of your house or only a specific room.

Paint the Doors

Painting front and interior doors are trending. The front door color gives the first impression of your house, while painting interior doors give your house a fun, joyful ambiance. Choose colors that go with the rooms and furniture. Some people even prefer painting each door a different color, but you need to think this through because you will be stuck with it for a while, or you will have to repaint all the doors all over again.

Indoor Plants

The benefits of indoor plants don’t just stop at visual beauty, but studies have shown that they are good for your health, too. They freshen up the air and add a happy vibe to your house. If you are not the kind of person that can take care of plants, then go for succulents as they are easier to maintain. Break the plain look of a room by adding colourful succulents. There is a wide range of sizes and colors of succulents, and this is why people love having them in their houses.

Add Color to Your Kitchen

Do not limit your kitchen to the usual brown and white colours of cabinets and walls. Kitchen cabinets can be repainted the same as any piece of furniture in the house, but most people don’t think about painting them when making changes. However, your kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time; hence its colour can affect your mood. Choose colours that match the walls and floor.

Repaint Wooden Chairs 

Any piece of furniture can be repainted, but when wooden chairs are painted, they give the room a modern trendy look. If you are bold enough to paint each chair in your dining room a different color, you will not regret the outcome. 


For an instant pop of colour, hang paintings or posters on the walls. They add your personal style to the room, which makes it look livelier. You do not have to buy an expensive piece of art to add a vibrantly colourful look to your room, just find one with colours that match the room, or a fun, colourful poster, and your room will look cool and different.

Add Flowers

This is the easiest way to change the look of rooms in your house. There are various kinds and colours of flowers to choose from according to your personality and style. Flowers have a transforming effect on houses. You can put them in a vase or bowl and change them regularly. Choose a different colour every time, giving your room different looks.

Paint the Walls

Accent one wall with a different colour, or go for a complete makeover and paint all the walls. If you choose to paint just one wall, then make sure it is from the same colour family and is darker than the rest of the walls. Pick a colour that complements the fabric in the room you are painting. 

 Colourful Cushions and Pillows

Toss some colourful pillows and cushions on your sofa or floor. If your furniture is floral, then get plain pillows. But if your furniture is plain, then patterned pillows will enhance the look. Solid or patterned, make sure the cushions and pillows are placed in a well-chosen place, and they go with the walls and furniture.

Colourful Rugs

Area rugs add texture and colour to the interior. Choose a rug that is a contrasting color to the floors. A colourful pattern will add life to the room and make it more fun. A pattern with the color of the cushions will give a more matching outlook. You can add patterns or repaint your old rug if you can’t afford to buy a new one.

Our homes should be our safe havens where we feel happy and relaxed, so taking care of these details can be life-changing and put you in a better mood. Choosing the right colors will make your house look and feel amazing. Choose colors that don’t only match your furniture but match your personality, too. These tips will help you make your house more colorful and livelier to live in.