As we ramp up for Summer 2021, lots of us are starting our yearly DIY projects. The weather is getting better and soon enough it’s going to be BBQ season and you’re going to flip from relaxation mode to entertainer mode. Part of entertaining guests is having your home look as good as possible, which is why now is the time people start their DIY projects to have them finished by the time Summer hits it’s stride.

But after the year we’ve just had, no one will hold it against you if you’re not up to date with the latest home décor trends that have been popping up recently. So to get you back into the mainstream décor consciousness we’ve spoken to the home design experts at to put together this handy guide of some of the biggest décor trends in the design world for this coming Summer!

Emulate The Sea Side With Colourful Stripes

Let’s start off with one of the more ‘Summery’ trends for this coming Summer, using bright stripes to emulate the feel of being on the sea side. The inspiration for this trend comes from the colourful beach huts that cover our nation’s beautiful coast line to create a warm feel to your home.

There are plenty of ways to achieve this fantastic Summertime look in your home, such as: Using colourful stripey wallpaper indoors, painting wooden fixtures of your garden with colourful stripes, using day and Night blinds in your windows, or even by purchasing furnishings like scatter cushions with striped prints.

This trend will pair up nicely with your home if you already have a Summery colour palette or some nautical inspired design elements in your home!

Vibrant Colours As Accents

Continuing with bright colours, we have the next trend of using strong vivid colours as accent pieces to your home to draw attention and help create a jolly atmosphere in your home. This has become a big trend recently due to many of us staying at home all day because of Coronavirus, Magnolia walls get boring after a while, so lots of people are looking to inject colour into their home. 

Again, there are a lot of options for how you implement this trend around your home, but whatever you do, it’s important to remember with bold colours less is more, you don’t want to make your room design too over stimulating, but here’s a few ideas for implementing this: Use bright coloured blinds in your windows, paint a feature wall brightly, purchase brightly coloured furnishings or paint your interior doors with strong colours.

As we said earlier, with this trend less is more, so this trend will pair well with your home if it already has a neutral colour palette or a minimalist design scheme.

Accessorise With Mother Nature

For this trend we’re following the philosophy of ‘Biophillic Design’ which in layman’s terms means that you use nature as an inspiration point in your home’s design. Recently studies have shown having plants in your home can boost your mood and health, so interior designers have recently used them very liberally in their designs.

When it comes to using plants in your home, the opportunities are essentially limitless, as long as you have a good amount of natural light in a room, you can put whatever plants you want, wherever you want them. Just be conscious not to clash with your home’s design and pick plants of complimentary colours to your home.

The trend of liberally using plants and flowers as design pieces is a pretty universal trend, so plants will be a positive addition to your home, no matter what design philosophies you currently have in place.

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