Olivia Jade and Jacob Elordi have seemingly called their relationship quits- according to the internet. HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @nikkyupnext, rumor has it that “quiet” couple Olivia and Jacob have seemingly called it quits.

Image Credit: @nikkyupnext TIkTok

Olivia Jade and Jacob Elordi Break Up

Reportedly, the duo has allegedly broken up after being an on-again-off-again couple since about 2021. Supposedly, Olivia unfollowed Jacob off of Instagram recently which is why fans believe that the pair have called it quits. However, some fans think that Olivia was never following Jacob on Instagram so this doesn’t mean anything.

As the video notes, this couple has seemingly kept to themselves and “flew under the radar”

Olivia Jade and Jacob Elordi Still Together

Although we don’t have official confirmation that the couple is broken up, some fans think that the duo are still together. One person on the video commented that Olivia was supposedly spotted wearing a similar knitted hoodie to one Jacob has in a recent video, which has caused speculation that they might still be together.

Since this is all speculation, it is unclear whether or not the duo is done for good- looks like we’ll have to wait and see if either of them confirms or deny rumors surrounding their relationship.

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