Jacob Elordi allegedly assaulted a Radio Producer over a supposed joke. HOLR breaks down the news.

According to this related article, it is being reported that Elordi supposedly assaulted a radio producer over a Saltburn bathwater joke. Audio of the alleged encounter has reportedly been leaked here in this TikTok video posted by user @dailytelegraph.

Jacob Elordi Assault

IMAGE CREDIT: @dailytelegraph TIKTOK

Jacob Elordi Assault

As noted in the caption of the video, new audio of the alleged incident involving Elordi has reportedly gone viral online. This incident seemingly occurred in front of a Sydney pub. Through a leaked audio interaction, it is alleged that Elordi assaulted Joshua Fox- who is from Australian station KIIS FM.

In the now-viral recording released by KIIS FM, Elordi seemingly claims that he does not want to be filmed after being asked to fill an empty container with bathwater to send to the studio. This was reportedly in reference to an infamous Saltburn scene. “You’re kidding me,” allegedly Elordi can be heard saying in the clip. Fox did reportedly stop but then claimed Elordi got “right in my face” commanding any footage of the encounter to be deleted, Fox alleged during a segment of the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show when describing the encounter.

What happened with Jacob Elordi and Joshua Fox?

When Fox allegedly refused to delete the alleged filmed footage, Fox then claimed Elordi “[flipped]… he pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat”.

This incident is now reportedly being investigated by police. As noted in this article, it is being reported that the older male (alleged victim of the assault) involved (seemingly Fox) did not sustain any injuries and was seemingly not injured (here).

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