Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce married? Tony Romo is allegedly convinced that they are!

According to this YouTube video posted by user Celebritea Blinds, there is a blind item claiming that Swift and Kelce are already married- allegedly according to Tony Romo.

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Married

Image Credt: Celebritea Blinds YouTube

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Married

According to the alleged blind item, Tony Romo is reportedly “100%” convinced that Swift and Kelce are married. Romo used to be engaged to Jessica Simpson once upon a time.

How long have Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce been together?

Related articles have reported on Romo alleging that Swift and Kelce have tied the knot but we don’t know for certain if this information is true or not. Romo supposedly called Jason Kelce Swift’s “brother-in-law” as demonstrated in the YouTube video.

As of right now, the duo are still seemingly dating, as they have been linked since July of 2023. They supposedly got together following Kelce calling out Swift on his podcast.

Rumors of the two allegedly getting married have been circulating for weeks- along with potential split rumors so it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s not. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see where this relationship goes as neither party has addressed marriage rumors floating around online.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support this alleged blind item claim, what do you think about the couple being spotted out and about together recently? Kelce also recreated Swift’s signature heart-hand pose at a game recently, noted here!

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