Taylor Swift Took A Break From ‘The Eras Tour’ To Cast Her Vote In Nashville

Taylor Swift went to Nashville cast her vote for the upcoming elections and urged her fans to do the same

Taylor Swift waiting in line to cast her vote in Nashville.

Credit: Taylor Swift/ Instagram


Taylor Swift has spent most of her career silent on political issues. She first voiced her personal opinions during the 2020 U.S Presidential election and now she is continuing that trend and stepping out to vote herself. Though we’re familiar with her passion towards political advocacy no-one expected that style of content to come from her as of late, because she’s currently busy traveling with ‘The Eras Tour’.

But, to everyone’s surprise, she left ‘The Eras Tour‘, and returned home to Nashville, Tennessee to vote in the upcoming elections! She took to her Instagram Stories to post a picture of herself showing off her ‘I Voted’ sticker, and urged her fans to take advantage of early voting for the Nashville, and statewide, elections.

She said, “Hi Nashville! Early voting for our city officials and some statewide seats begins today. We have the opportunity to choose those who will represent us for the next four years. I voted today and I urge you to do the same and make your voice heard. Find more info on your local early voting at… https://www.vote.org

Taylor Swift's instagram stories post showing off her 'I voted' sticker and urging her fans vote too.

Credit: Taylor Swift/ Instagram

When Taylor speaks about politics she tends to support the democratic party, only speaking of republican views in disapproval, but today she just encouraged fans to participate in the elections and take advantage of early voting.

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